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The Mormon "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" has been running a clandestine hedge fund and using its tax-exempt status to avoid paying taxes.
Anybody surprised?

Flyingsaucesir 8 May 15

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Yep, and since my ex-husband turned mormon in recent years, I've gotta wonder how much of our kids' inheritance is sitting in that hedge fund.


Life is too complicated 😂

Empty your penny jars, and you will be blessed. Typical Mormon tithe


I think it's good for religious freedom , yet churches free from taxes are in bed with the Government and non believers are not part of their onesided council. Artist are the poorest paid profession and the longest and greatest influential in all of human history. We pay taxes, where are our bread crumbs?

I saw an elderly woman in FL throwing bead crumbs to the seagulls until I asked her at what point in her life had she seen seagulls eating bread or crumbs? She stopped, and I think she's the one with the extra crumbs you're looking for. DM for address in FL.


The Mormon scam started 40 minutes from me in Central New York. I’ve even been to the Hill Cumorah Pageant in Palmyra. What a bunch of looneys.
I’m never surprised at the lengths any organization will go to to hide their money.


Totally shocked. This makes me believe that the Mormons are just a bunch of crazies.

I figured that out the first time I heard about temple garments.
And then all the other stuff like the magic disks and the hat and all that.

@BufftonBeotch many years ago, I read a secular book about the founding of the religion. The tablets given to Smith by the angel Moroni was a big clue that something is awry with the religion. Then, he (Smith, not Moroni) lied about a well known linguist/archaeologist who "said" that the tablets were legit but in an unknown language. Mormons must not have read the same book where the linguist refuted what Smith said about his appraisal of the tablets. I can't remember if he even saw them or not--nobody else did.

@Gwendolyn2018 No one else saw the tablets. This breaks the first rule of evidence: that it must be accessible to everyone.

@Flyingsaucesir that is waaaaay too logical!

It's weird. I grew up Mormon, so I can shed some light.

Smith was nothing more than a plaid wearing used horse salesman that was well known for doing his best to get out of helping out on the farm, and for inventing fictional tales

@BOBdammit he thought Missouri was the setting for Eden. I live in Missouri and it is not close to being Eden nor has it ever been.

I've been through it a number of times and had an ex from there. From my experiences, the thing I love about Missouri is that there are plenty of roads leading out.

@BOBdammit I actually like the landscape, but the people are largely, ahem, not my type. I have carved out my niche and the only place I would move to is back to Northern Cali, but it costs too much to live there and the fires are horrendous. However, as long as my youngest son is here in MO, I wouldn't move anyway.

I met a geologist from there and he would have agreed with you. Other than passing through, I couldn't give a thorough opinion.

@BOBdammit I need greenery, hills, and bodies of water. Missouri has all of these. I would not be happy in the flats of the Southwest/deserts. Nor would I live in a city. I've lived in small towns and that was bad enough, but NY or LA . . . nope. I live outside of Springfield, but it is only six minutes to town in two directions, so I am semi-rural but close to amenities.


Well at least they feel the need to hide it.

That's why they have the sacred baggy underwear.


It is redundant to say "The Mormon Church" and "Latter Day Saints" but their official name is LDS. Mormon is a nickname.

Their official name is Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Placing the nickname alongside the official name is not a redundancy, it's a clarification.


In today's world being an ignorant fool or a con artist provides tax free benefits.


All churches have an unhealthy interest in accumulating funds, over and above any reasonable needs.

And not with the intent of helping widows and orphans as Christian Scriptures tell them to do.

Hey... Saving people... Savings bonds... Close enough.


I'm not surprised in the least but some people on this site would want to turn this into a political party thing. You can tell who they are because they block you from posting on their stuff. That's conservatives for you. One way, Caesar. 🙂

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