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Catholic Church in California grapples with more than 3,000 lawsuits, alleging child sex abuse
Advocates have been left stunned by the number of cases that surfaced during this revival window.


xenoview 8 May 30

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The main way I see as combating the church's influence is education. Taking the child to teach has been religions way of holding power, and is the only way I see of breaking it...


I’ve said this before but the Satanic church has to stand in absolute AWE of the damage that the Catholic Church has inflicted on people. Satanic church is amateurs in comparison to the professionals in ducking up peoples live called the Catholic Church

Methinks your ideas of what the satanic movement is, is wildly off the actual Facts....thinking 18th century orgies and whatnot, are ye?


I am continually amazed that such a corrupt institution could survive for so long. Especially since the foundation upon which it stands is an irrational fear of death. It's a testament to the power of superstition to make people act stupidly.


Vatican city which is the head of the Roman Catholic Church and is funded by donations from all Catholic Churches should be front and center in the trials and held responsible for the actions of their priests for which they have protected. The willful acts in choosing to protect the institution over the lives of children should require the shutdown of all their religious institutions. Turn Vatican city into a museum that depicts the atrocities of their history to serve as a warning to future generations.

In my opinion this should be their downfall.

Betty Level 8 May 30, 2023

Don't turn Vatican City into a museum, turn it into a prison!

@Ursusarctos I think displaying the lies, abuses, corruptions, and deaths in the name of this "religion" would serve future generations better than a prison would.


They ought to just shut the whole thing down. It's been a safe haven for child abusers for centuries. Enough already!


They cannot say they were not warned

Numbers 32:23 and be sure your sin will find you out.


We need to bring back the guillotine, just for these assholes, if no one else. Although, there are plenty of others who should meet it also.

I don't want to seem racist or anything but Madam Guillotine is a bit too French for me, just use a fucking axe, a blunt one 🙂

@Ursusarctos "Too French "??
Hardly seems to matter.

@Ursusarctos The arm of an ax-wielder gets tired real quick, leading to faulty blows


Why am I not surprised? 😱


Hopefully one day they’ll all be burned to the ground…….and be replaced with gravestone monuments documenting their rotten deeds over the centuries.


Once again I see evidence that the problem with today's adults is that they are survivors of childhood abuse. Their symptoms are classic for abuse victims.

It’s a cycle……whether it’s child abuse, welfare, religious fanaticism in a lot of cases.

I think it's normal human life. We are garbage with nice individual personalities.

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