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When some evil so and so comes and tells me uninvited that I and my family, including my grandchildren, deserve to burn forever in a lake of unquenchable fire because they are so evil for not accepting their zombie god's sacrifice, I am gonna have a problem with them.
How dare they say things like that?
When they tell me my niece deserves to be stoned to death, because she married another woman because their bloody book of immoral bronze age fairy tales say they deserve to die and burn forever...I am gonna have a problem with them.
When they and their fellow believers get together and petition (a nice euphemism for bribe, cajole and blackmail) elected legislature in to forcing their twisted morality on to the population as a whole ...I am gonna have a more than problem with them and I am going to do more than argue with them!

LenHazell53 9 May 5

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The lord is my bitch, I shall not want.


Try humor as much as possible. The one thing these oh-so-serious people cannot stand is to be laughed at. Your first statement reminds me of the remark by Mark Twain: "Go to heaven for the climate, go to hell for the company." As for the second, ask them which group of people are the least likely to contract HIV. As for the third, that's what getting out the vote is all about.

In the UK and the US the churches hold a disproportionate amount of power (in the UK Bishops are allowed seats in the house of Lords unelected) you will never be elected as an atheist and every religion or religious denomination has a powerful lobby group, with enough (supposed) clout to block or institute white papers on law and changes to law to suit them.
Voting has no effect on this at all.


Homosexuality is found in nature and thus is natural. Love is what matters . If you love someone it can't be wrong. That's always been one of my biggest arguments against that book.


I wish you well and success in your endeavor.


Good for you.

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