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For the American audience, regarding the ads during last nights Super Bowl.

The Jesus Gets Us ads were financed by the Servant Foundation, which is funded by the Green family, owners of Hobby Lobby.

The Mark Wahlberg ad for the Catholic app Hallow. One of the owners of Hallow is Alex Jones, the uber right wing conspiracy theorist and Sandy Hook denier. So Wahlberg has outed himself as a far right winger.

Switchcraft 7 Feb 12

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Who funded Jennifer Aniston?


Thanks for letting us know. Many of us did not watch the game. But I did see a picture of Taylor Swift in what could be a stadium suite compared to a Vermeer painting. πŸ™‚

Very interesting, the depth of people who would associate with Alex Jones.

@Switchcraft The very deep depths they will sink to.


I found an article giving more details about who is involved in the app and some of its features on the Slate website:

What’s the Deal With That Mark Wahlberg Prayer App, Exactly?
Maybe you saw the Super Bowl ad. There are a few strange things about Hallow



Thanks for the info. I missed it deliberately because I am not into sports.


A terrible waste of money. Better spent on the homeless and hungry.

Why put money to alleviate the suffering of the homeless and hungry when you can squander it on peddling the message of your fictional god?


Glad I missed it.

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