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John McCain is requesting trump not attend his funeral
Always respected that man.

MSNBC Live 2:30PM

sassygirl3869 9 May 6

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Wouldn't it be ironic if John McCain outlived Donald Trump?


He seems like an ok guy as a person I suppose, but he has taken a lot of money from corporations (under the guise of being donated by private individuals or PACS) that were not in the best interests of the public.


McCain is deserving no respect after he violated the memory of Atheist Corporal Pat Tillman Green Beret Army Ranger whatever BUT HE WAS NO xian like McCain lied to the giant stadium memorial service with brothers widow mom&dad all pissed at the xian war profiteering propaganda dripping out McCain ignorant corrupt mouth


Yes, I agree. McCain is the only Rep I have been tempted to vote for but we got W instead! bad, bad, bad.


Has he passed away?

I hope he dies very slowly and painfully

Not yet, but he is terminal. There is not much information released, but it is not a good prognosis.

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