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Best anti-depressants without a prescription

By PickledRick8
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Sunshine and a nice cold one.

And even better after running around for 90 minutes playing football, thinking you're 16 again; can't beat it.


Jack Daniels!


Sun on your face, then playing with your dog, a long hot shower, a glass of your favourite wine while listening to Bach, then a full body massage, followed by sensual and meaningful sex, then slipping into fresh clean silk sheets and drifting off to a beautiful restful sleep with the window open and a cool breeze of jasmine wafting through the room.

Watching Laurel & Hardy also works for me.

Hitchens Level 8 May 7, 2018

That right there is a big ol' box of fuzzy love!!!

KKGator Level 9 May 6, 2018

Wait, they're not stuffed? I was totally convinced they were faux puppies.


I like to fish.

Huskies love fish


I'll post a pic of MINE!

Looks like he/she is

@buzz13 She is. In her estimate, ALL the furniture belongs to her. She graciously allows me limited privileges. smile009.gif


Sam-E is prescription in Europe and fairly well researched (similar in action to SSRIs and I would suggest similar precautions)

One can get this OTC here but it sure isn't cheap. Funny to read this as I recently learned a Physical Therapist I WAS is taking it. and he is ALWAYS SO HIGH ENERGY and seemingly HAPPY.


That will do it. smile001.gif

Betty Level 7 May 6, 2018

That's an explosion of cuteness!

Thank you for that!


Weed is the one i would choose

jorj Level 8 May 6, 2018

Which one of the puppies is named Weed? smile009.gif I didn't know they had NAMES.

I didn't know one could GET puppies off the Internet, either? WOW. smile001.gif


I am totally in love!



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