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For the first time in the 247-year history of the nation (counting from the Declaration of Independence in 1776), an American (ex) president will stand trial in criminal court.

Donald J. Trump is charged with 32 felony counts of falsifying business records to conceal campaign finance violations he committed in the 2016 election.

Jury selection for Trump's campaign finance/hush money/business fraud/tax fraud trial starts on April 15.

Judge Merchon just expanded the gag order on Trump to include the families of officers of the court.

(Because the one-time "leader of the free world" is, in reality, a treasonous bastard and stochastic terrorist.)


Flyingsaucesir 8 Apr 2

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I hope this is the worst nightmare Donnieboy has ever faced. I want it to torture him in his dreams.

It's hard to say which vexes him more, losing his business and half a billion dollars or losing this criminal trial. The latter is not likely to cost as much money or deprive him of his freedom; it's more symbolic than anything.

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