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An example of how things can change and yet stay the same:

Flyingsaucesir 8 Apr 2

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When I was growing up "A Trump" was a fart, "To Trump" was to fart and "Trumping" was breaking wind loudly and without restraint.

What part of the country was that?

@Flyingsaucesir North east England, specifically Middlesbrough


mango mussolini
per Dharmabum

Mango Musolini...I like it! 😂


Sometimes a family is aptly named. Interesting that they actually chose the name themselves.

Trumps original family name was Drumpf his grandfather changed it to avoid anti-German sentiments.
Trump himself has translated the 16th century Drumpf word as meaning Triumph, which is a lie, the word actually meant, crooked, disfigured or crippled.
The name Trump means a trumpeter or horn player, or a fan fare played, hence its connection with a triumphal or top card in many card games

Families being aptly named is called Nominative determinism.
Such as my old boss at the tax office being named Mr. Millions, a vet I knew called Dr Hogg and the poet Wordsworth.

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