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I see advertisements that say 'savings' are coming. You see religion wants to save you. Mass media wants to save you. Politicians want to save you. You partner wants to save you. Savings is not coming my friend. You are that which has already been saved. Now it is time to spend yourself.

Expanded Meaning:

This observation delves into the pervasive nature of messaging in our society, where various entities, from advertisements to religion, politics, and personal relationships, all offer promises of salvation or saving in some form. The repetition of the word "save" highlights its prevalence across different aspects of life.

However, the post takes a philosophical turn by challenging the conventional notion of saving. Rather than viewing salvation as something external to be attained in the future, it suggests a radical shift in perspective: that individuals are already inherently saved or valuable.

This reframing invites introspection and encourages individuals to recognize their inherent worth and potential. The metaphor of "spending yourself" implies a call to action, urging individuals to invest their energies, talents, and passions into meaningful pursuits. It's a reminder that true fulfillment comes not from seeking salvation externally, but from embracing and expressing one's authentic self.

In essence, the post encourages a shift from a mindset of passive waiting for salvation to one of active engagement and self-expression, emphasizing the importance of living authentically and purposefully.

Drank_Spear 7 May 15

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A good analysis , showing the weakness of "The word" and the power of practical action that helps everyone. Like the ' omnist ' label. It cannot be far removed from ' Humanist'


Jesus saves! Do you? First Citizens Bank


And, perhaps not surprisingly, the post aligns well with the standard Christian dogma that we are already saved by Jesus Christ (provided we accept Him as our savior).


I watched a TV documentary last night about evangelical Christianity in the USA and it was scary. A very large minority of the population, including some elected representatives believe in "Armageddon". The final battle in the middle east when Jesus will return to earth, the Jews will convert to Christianity and there will be peace for evermore. Somehow "the rapture" is involved as well but not sure how.

and that bullshit is put into their heads just like all the other bullshit put into heads


Correct…….There isn’t going to be any so called ‘god’ or invisible sky fairy that’s going to save humanity from all the problems caused by humans themselves.

Who the fuck would want to?

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