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Texas Bill would fine men for masturbation. This bill was introduced as an answer to bills introduced by Men who are insensitive to womens health issues. Evidently to give them a taste of thier own medicine.

While I like the spirit of sarcasm, I question why she would do this in Texas. Does she not understand that even if law makers in Texas understand that this is a protest proposal that many would consider passing it as a "good moral Bill"?


DavidLaDeau 8 May 7

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I have lived a good chunk of my life in Texas. There is nothing these ass clowns do that surprises me. What would surprise me is if they actually did something for women, children, or the poor.


so how many and who are they going to hire to be the jerk off police? What kind of experience do we need to apply?

do we need "hands on" experience?


Good. We have too many blind men walking around as it is.



How would anyone know? I mean unless you're a perv doing it in public or something


Curious how that would be reported. A crime hot line 1-800-JERKOFF?

Caller "Yes 911 I think my boy friend might be playing with himself"
Operator " O.K. stay calm, I need you to help him until we can get emergency personel there, don't worry I will talk you through it and be with you the whole time."


You underestimate the number of jerkoffs in the Texas legislature. Or maybe you don't. ?

I was born in Houston, is it something like dead reckoning?

@DavidLaDeau I dunno, dead reckoning implies some progress, but maybe it can also apply to simple movement.

@zeuser Darnit! you done told me like my momma!


Too bizarre for words - only in


"every sperm is precious"


To really have an impact, health care bills should refuse to pay for any of the ED drugs -- viagra or cialis or.... Erectile dysfunction is not a medical emergency. Watch the hysteria that ensues if this bill is suggested anywhere.

Anti-boner laws? I'm actually in tears not kidding.... I love it! It shouldn't be just for drugs that are not necessary but just anti-boner. If we are giong down this path (not your comment) lets just get really stupid. Can you imagine all the politicains that start saying "I just tried it once in college."


Texas is weird, that is all.


How will this be enforced?

So you get a ticket and then end up in a courtroom full of jerkoffs?

Hire a jerkoff to defend you?

Be at the mercy of a judge that's a .......?

Been there, done that. 😟


Unless a man is masturbating in a public , it isn't likely to be enforced . Compared to forcing a woman to give birth to a child ( especially if it was due to a rape ) , a $100 fine is a tiny price to pay , and , as you've already pointed out , it is a sarcastic means of trying to teach some men , by the shoe on the other foot method .


I do not care to see the video of the masturbation activists who show up to protest.



It will be praised and the point will be missed altogether.


Texas needs to be it's own country again.


Well if I was a Texas cop, if park outside of a fertility clinic and ticket every sperm donor on his way out the door

how could u prove the assistants arent giving BJs to fill the cups tho? since masturbation would be illegal the assistants in the office would have to at least lend the helpin hand to keep the companies legal.

@jorj good point

@jorj The assistants would have to volenteers and not payed or it would be breaking another law unless new legislation defined hand jobs as a "medical procedure"!!!!!! i guess this profession would be called ejaculation aids.....

@trblemaker I'm sorry I have to ask this, Are you serious? I would not put it past them.

@trblemaker Wow!


not sure if its the need for money or a Texas Navy ?

mzee Level 7 May 7, 2018

This is the most stupid move ive seen yet. women already have 4 times the amount spent on them for healthcare and this will just make people laugh and make fun of the ones that support this kind of stuff more. it isnt cute, intelligent, or even worthy of being putin front of the house for discussions. the one that would waste the governments time and money with stuff like this deserves jail time IMO.

jorj Level 8 May 7, 2018

If I may suggest , one of the more expensive medical costs to women , deals with childbirth . So why not kill two birds with one stone ?

@Cast1es and women get 4 times as much spent on them for healthcare so it not like they are oppressed or being held back for men.

Not everything is about you. Stop being such a bloody misogynist. It's tiresome.

@hemingwaykitten u stop being a misandrist all the time and we would all get along. i thought this was about equality but u obviously don't want any thing at all where men are oppressed mentioned. i think that is more along the lines of an all out sexist as well.

@jorj You talk about nothing else but how tough white men have it! It's a joke!

@hemingwaykitten u talk about nothing else but how tough women have! its a joke.

@hemingwaykitten difference between me and u is i will admit my privileges, as well as point out oppression that men experience because that is how u work to get equality. the problem is the feminist want to silence every issue that they have the advantage in because they arent for actually equality. when the movement realizes that they are hurting their own cause by just being purely misandrist like the very thing u are guilty of here, u all might actually get more than 1 out 5 women on your side. healthcare was brought up and i point out u get 4 times as much spent than men and all of a sudden u try to silence me with misogyny accusation because u don't want truth out. u just want womens issues only discussed because u hate men and want to punish them in any and all ways u can.

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