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God's bloody creatures.

So last night a giant bumble bee came into my house looking for somewhere to build a nest under my coffee table. I left the door open so it could get out once it realised that this was a bad idea.

This morning (15 minutes ago) it was lying on its back at the bottom of the stairs. I poked its leg and it started moving and buzzing. So I took a teatowel to pick it up AND THE FUCKING THING STUNG ME!

Yes, bumble bees can sting. Feels like a sharp prick which doesn't otherwise hurt. Then,after 30 seconds it starts to hurt and after about 2 minutes it hurts a lot. Massage the site and after 15 minutes it hurts less and by now (20 mins) it stops hurting.

I would have given it some honey and water if it had been reasonable but I just took a plastic cup and a sheet of cardboard to catch it and then evicted it in the garden.

I hope one of my garden birds gets the sodding ungrateful (and, let's face it, female) bloody insect.

El-loco 7 May 8

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My cat Sacha just caught a mouse!

It's his 4th one in three years and he seemed hopelessly proud of it.

He yowled a bit to let me know and then played with it on the carpet for a while. I should have take a photo because he has now lost it somewhere. If it's still alive it can finish off all the catfood Sacha leaves before trying to work out how the catflap works. The main problem will be that the catflap doesn't recognise the mouse's microchip - if it even has one.


You're lucky you weren't allergic. I've seen a neighbor's son go into shock at the emergency room. Getting stung on the butt caused me to go into labor 3 months early! Hornets-hate them.

I don't think we have hornets in England.


I have been stung in each one of my eyelids while I was wearing sunglasses ... separate occasions ?


I'm more mind-blown that you actually went to sleep that night with a bumblebee loose in your house!! Nope Nope Nope!!

It was a warm night so I left the door open - but it didn't take the hint.


Must be an entirely new species to need to build a nest under coffee tables. Bumble bees don't go for wood nests, but there is a carpenter bee I k. The bee will be recycled, yes. And next time I guess you will cover the upside down bee on the floor with a glass and then slide a card under it to trap it inside for safe disposal outdoors. Thanks for sharing the story.

I’ve just learned about Carpenter bees, and had thought them to be ‘Bumble bees.’ My neighbor keeps a badminton racket within reach outside to kill them… Found this: “While carpenter bees look like a mostly black version of a bumble bees that's where their similarities end. They are quite different than bumblebees. Yes, they can sting, but only the female can. Their sting should be treated like any other bee sting.


Insects are apparently sentient, as all living things are.
My son once accidently disturbed a bald hornet nest that had been built under the tarp cover of a table saw. The hornets chased him to the creek, hovered over the water, then covered our two-story farm house windows with angrily buzzing hornets who wouldn't let us out the door all day. I went outside that night and sprayed the nest in the dark.

But when I noticed a bald hornet snatching a horse fly from one of my horse's backs, I decided not to disturb the new hornet nest, built only three feet from the horse pasture gate, so they could take care of the fly problem for me, since the hornets weren't bothering us.

The hornets ignored everyone in our family, the neighbor kids, and even accepted my relatives when they visited, allowing everyone to walk through the pasture gate, only three feet from the nest, except for one warning sting for my sister's husband. His scent was apparently different from ours.

However, when my blue heeler pup ripped a hole in the nest, they chased her to the creek and kept her hiding under the water, and after that, she had to circle far out around to follow us and our other three dogs into the horse pasture. The hornets never forgave her all summer, until the fall when the frost killed the nest.


This sounds a bit like the scorpion and the frog story.


You should have kept it and released it in a church during Sunday Service !


I sat on an insect (think it was a yellow jacket, though) when I was 7. I still freak out when I see any stinging insect, and get as far away as quickly as I can.


Although, to be fair, it didn't ask for money which puts it above Lisa. I've told you about Lisa a few times. Why am I attracted to women like her? Have a look at a bit of her history. And a photo.


Driving a Land Rover in The Gambia last January.

And getting it stuck in the sand.

The photo is after burning the clutch out to get it out of the sand. First time I've ever smelled a burning clutch.

And she's still in business.

I do have a romantic side though.

Lisa came round this morning and I bought her a packet of cigarettes and half a tank of diesel.

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