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What impressed you the most (man-made or Mother Nature creation) in the countries you have visited? Post the pics if you so desire.

Among my favorites is the Bangkok Royal PalaceK

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The Nerja caves, Spain, are something else...

DUCHESSA Level 8 May 9, 2018

Seeing the Killing Fields in Cambodia was a different type of impressive. Definitely made an impact. They took us to a field and there was a huge glass tower filled with skulls of people they couldn't identify. They had taken the bodies away but had left open pits which had now grown over with grass. We occasionally saw shreds of clothing or shards of bone, even some teeth. We walked past trees where soldiers would swing babies into to kill them so they wouldn't waste bullets. It was a very sobering experience.
On a better note, Ankor Wat temple complex was amazing.

Remi Level 7 May 9, 2018

Neuschwanstein, the inspiration for Cinderella's castle.


Before and after the sundown hits. Ischihualasto was formed by melting glaciers (Argentina)...THAT i HAD THE FORTUNE TO SEE WHILE GROWING UP.

DUCHESSA Level 8 May 8, 2018

The great pyramid at Giza was pretty awesome smile001.gif

ipdg77 Level 8 May 8, 2018

Royal Palace, Bangkok

DUCHESSA Level 8 May 8, 2018

Both! I absolutely LOVE waterfalls but dang humans have made some mind boggling structures! I love creativity and nature equally I guess! I would love to go visit my island (Melita) even though they changed the name to Malta because some of the oldest historical findings are there, stuff we cannot currently figure out!

Here, enjoy the largest water falls; they form part of the Argentina / Brazil /
Paraguay border and are one of the seven wonders of the natural world.

@DUCHESSA Oh my! Such power and beauty combined! That was so kind of you to share with me! Thank you so much! You just earned yourself a fan and post follower!

@CreativelyMe THANK YOU. Next goes the glacier.


Korean work ethic.


In Thailand, I love it all..the culture, the people, Buddhism, the glittering temples, the exotic birds and animals, the beaches, etc.
1.Gulf of Thailand, behind a school where I taught ESL, an hour north of Songkhla

2.breeding painted stork near Songkhla

3.Buddhist temple at school near Ranot, where I was teaching on Tang Kuan hill temple, overlooking Songkhla daughter and I by the 99-foot reclining Buddha statue on Ko Yo Island, near Songkhla, where I live

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