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What novel or novels do you frequently go back to and read over? I have several:

Malevil, Robert Merle
Forever, Pete Hamill
Rebecca, The Scapegoat, and The House on the Strand, Daphne du Maurier
To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee
The Eye of the Needle and The Man from St. Petersburg, Ken Follett
The Shipping News and Accordian Crimes, Annie Proulx
The Hotel New Hampshire and A Prayer for Owen Meany, John Irving
Winter’s Tale, Mark Helprin (every winter)

By ProudMerry7
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I have only re-read one book in about 30 years, and it was 25 years between readings. The Earthsea trilogy by Ursula LeQuinn.

Yes, excellent, now I wanna go read it again.


Orlando, by Virginia Woolf, which I've read at least six times, and Don Quixote, by Miguel de Cervantes. which I reread every five years.

Jnei Level 8 May 8, 2018

the like is for Don Quixote
I really am afraid of Virginia Woolf


I kinda like hard core sci-fi. The Dragonriders of Pern series. The title sounds like a Saturday morning cartoon (sigh) but it is actually an exceptional adventure about colonizing space. A sub-set trilogy, my favorite is The Harperhall of Pern about a young girl with dreams of teaching music in a men only field succeeds against all odds.

FynTul Level 6 May 8, 2018

I've always meant to read the Pern series but haven't gotten to it yet. The only McCaffrey I've read was "The Ship Who Sang" (the novella), which I recall liking.


I have too many still to read to go back. Second-hand bookshop addiction. ?


I love 'A hundred years of solitude' Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
yes and
To kill a mockingbird.
Earthsea trilogy

jacpod Level 8 May 8, 2018

another favourite of mine was one my brother gave me when I was about 10 years old - Did she fall by Thorne Smith

I LOVE the Earthsea trilogy!


I re-read my favorite Author Louie Lamour! love westerns!


The Stranger - Albert Camus
Siddhartha - Hermann Hesse
Zen Guitar - Philip Toshio Sudo
...not a novel but a great little book.


Anything by Richard Russo, especially the hysterical STRAIGHT MAN.

@ProudMerry I enjoyed that book and it's not my usual fare. I think it would probably be most interesting to someone who is in or has experienced life in Academia, but it was a howl.


I have read most books by Terry Pratchett several times.

Yes I have the entire collection and have read most up to and including "Nation", several times, but it is sad to see him deteriorate from "Unseen Academicals" onward and I find it too painful to reread the later works, I was barely able to make it through "Raising Steam." at all.


Since my tablet died, it's back-to-books = 'Conversations' J. G. Ballard, "Flicker' Theodore Roszak, "Breakfast of Champions' Kurt Vonnegut, 'Apocalypse Culture' edit Adam Parfey, "Sexual Personae' Camille Paglia, Harlan Ellison's "Dangerous Visions' anthologies..


Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
The Blithedale Romance by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Sammad95 Level 4 May 8, 2018

..and yes to a n y t h i n thing wilde. the original painting will be on display @ the art institute soon -


I love young adult fiction and poetry: Hunger Games, Wrinkle in Time trilogy, the Narnia seies, the Boxcar Kids, Where the Sidewalk Ends. But one book I have to revisit every few years is The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. I have bought, read, given away, and re-acquired it at least 6 times.


Anything by Mary Roberts Rinehart, also Manning Coles.


There are so many books out there I haven't read yet, I rarely reread anything if I can help it.


Mostly SF: "Lord of Light" by Roger Zelazny; "Mindbridge" by Joe Haldeman; "Karma" by Arsen Darnay; and "The Ringworld Engineers" by Larry Niven. Also, "A Kiss Before Dying" by Ira Levin, "Ice Station Zebra" by Alistair MacLean (don't judge by the terrible movie, it's excellent!), and "The Hunt for Red October" by Tom Clancy.


The Great Gatsby and Wuthering Heights


The four I have read most for pure enjoyment are

Dracula Bram Stoker
A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens
Treasure Island Robert Louis Stephenson
Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy Douglas Adams

But my guilty pleasure books are

Manitou Blood Graham Masterton
Men at Arms Terry Pratchett
Mouse on the Moon Leonard Wibberley
The Throwback Tom Sharpe

I finally got around to reading Treasure Island last summer, and it was absolutely spectacular!

@cmadler I believe there is a case to be made for it being the technically greatest British novel ever written.

@ProudMerry you won't be disappointed, it is hilarious, for me only "the great pursuit " comes near it in terms of humour.


François-Marie Arouet's Candide


All of Dickens, Stephen King, and Bryce Courtenay, among others

Jenmcjen Level 6 May 8, 2018

I love Henry I can re-read most of his works over and Air Conditioned Nightmare or the Tropic of stories..

Charlene Level 9 May 8, 2018

I visited the Henry Miller Memorial Library last month. Since then I've been trying to read Tropic of Cancer, but I can't really get into it.

@cmadler the begining can be trying..keep at it!


Jonathan Livingston Seagull


Water Music

Tuva Level 2 May 8, 2018

Most of my books that I buy now are non-fiction.

@ProudMerry I use my old glasses as reading glasses now. I haven't sat down with my books in a long time to pick up where I left off on some of them. I get so easily distracted, that it is hard for me to sit and read a whole chapter without getting up or putting my book down.

@ProudMerry I can't stay with one thing for too long or I get bored and do something else. I have the same issues with video games. I get stuck in a hard spot and then quit for a month or two, or until someone can get me out of the hard spot. I do have undiagnosed ADHD, well, as a kid I was diagnosed with it. The doctors took that away and gave me something else that doesn't even fit as a young adult. They gave me schizo-affective disorder. I don't hear voices, I have never had disorganized thoughts and speech, and it just doesn't fit. I do take meds for it, but I don't think I should be. They are helping me to be sane right now. I have been stable on them for over 2 years. IDK? I think I need to be re-evaluated again.

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