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Proof the world is flat.

GeorgeRocheleau 8 May 13

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I was more than a little concerned by the headline that this wouldn't be a joke.

Glad to be wrong


Looks more like a disc to me. A discworld if you would

Discworld is real to me.


Flat as a pancake?


I'll admit it, Flat Earthers confuse me.


Did you hear the Muslim Cleric (NO joke!) who said that Earth does not revolve, because if it did we go up in an airplane, facing in one direction, and and wait for our destination to come to us! In the other direction we would never reach our destination because it would be constantly moving away from! I saw his speech on Youtube. He was not joking! HAhaha!

Let's test his theory by throwing him out of an airplane and see if he lands where he started.


How can you argue with that! LOL
Kinda like the proof that global warming isn't know, 'cause it snowed last winter.


I told you. I've been posting this for months! LOL


Looks legit to me.




All hail Great A'tuin


Finally! The flat earth casts its shadow to reveal its true nature.



Did you catch the story about the flat earther who built his own rocket to prove that the Earth was flat? He actually launched it the other day and made it to almost 2,000 ft before nearly killing himself.

I could have done much better with a Cessna

I was impressed he went that high without killing himself. I was expecting the Flat Earth Memorial Crater.

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