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Has Australia's most recent mass shooting been publicized in any other countries?

I saw someone do a post about the IS stabbings in France but I never heard anything about that so I thought I'd make a similar post.

Lancer 7 May 14

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I think it made the news here in the US, but the mainstream media sources certainly have not been discussing it much, not that I'm surprised.

really??? I thought this would be a good example of how gun control with all the background checks, mental health screenings, high cost of ownership, registration, training, etc. failed. Gun control failed in this case.

How could this jut be swept under the rug like that? The leftits always use Australia as the ideal gun control example but fail to look deeper. Even when something like this, an obvious flaw in the gun control ideal, occurs they just turn a blind eye?

@Lancer The liberals only care about disarming the people. Their ultimate goal is a socialist dictatorship.

It's sad that many American, Australian, British, Canadian, etc. soldiers fought and died to stop the spread of communism, only to have their descendants beg for it 3 generations later.

I try not to get political in public but really stupid people asking for these policies, asking for speech to be regulated and for hate crimes to be criminal offenses. The world's gone mad.

This is not the world that I remember hearing about from my parents.


South West Australia, 7 dead if i can remember. No suspects,suspected family shooting?

Coldo Level 8 May 14, 2018

yep. Most likely it was the grandfather since his guns were used. It was assumed to be a murder suicide.


Made the news in the USA.


I haven’t saw anything about it here in the US.



It was on the evening news, ABC, MSN and FOX

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