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Has Australia's most recent mass shooting been publicized in any other countries?

I saw someone do a post about the IS stabbings in France but I never heard anything about that so I thought I'd make a similar post.

By Lancer7
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It was on the evening news, ABC, MSN and FOX


I haven’t saw anything about it here in the US.

Trajan61 Level 8 May 14, 2018

Made the news in the USA.

pye-rate Level 5 May 14, 2018

South West Australia, 7 dead if i can remember. No suspects,suspected family shooting?

Coldo Level 8 May 14, 2018

yep. Most likely it was the grandfather since his guns were used. It was assumed to be a murder suicide.


I have not as of yet seen it. Do you have a link?


@Lancer thanks. I find it interesting that US news isn't much bothering with it. But that is probably because it happens here every day

Fair enough. I just thought that with the gun control debate it might be interesting to see that even with all the restrictions, background checks, police checks, etc. a person can still commit a mass shooting if they decide they want to.

I am in favor of moderate gun control but I recognize that it won't always stop mass shootings.

@Lancer agreed. But Australia has less because of the laws. Unless guns are totally confiscated and banned, which I certainly do not espouse to, this is going to happen because if a person trulycwants to kill someone they will find a way. It is more so with guns because it takes down a lot of people rather quickly. I guess poisoning the water supply would do more harm much quicker but let's not open up that can of worms

Agreed. The laws are important and unless all guns are removed from society including illegal firearms, there will never be an end to gun crime.

As for poisoning the water supply. The "French" foreign legion used that as a tactic back in Vietnam. Also the quickest modern way would be to create a gas leak at an apartment building and fill it with diesel then light it up during the night. Block all the fire exits. It's doable but it's unbelievably wrong and inhumane.

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