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Ingredients To Avoid in 2018

sassygirl3869 9 May 16

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But, but, but...arsenic is natural. Isn't that Good? ?


Olestra?!? How does that even still exist?


Our county was one of the first in the country to ban GMO farming.


I do avoid most of those, and sugar. I try to avoid GMOs, as far as I am concerned the jury is still out on them, and Monsanto is huge into GMOs. I don't trust Monsanto.


Whew... didnt see any cookies on there...yay!

That relates happily to "sugar" also not being on the list. Yay!


whew... glad I didn't see bacon or pancakes or sandwich meats or frozen pizzas. that could have been devastating.

It didn't mention belladonna or radium, either.

PBJ's are safe....right?

@EdEarl 😀 lol!




Over 6000 studies by non related food scientists over ten years has shown nothing negative regarding GMO"S in fact we have been practicing the same type of food alteration since we became farmers of food. If someone can show me evidence that GMO"S are bad please do so. Until then I will error on the side of 6000 studies.

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