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Would it surprise you to learn that the majority of clergyman are in truth atheists or anti theists if you prefer but cannot admit it publicly as it is their only means of support

RobertGalloway 5 May 17

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These majority topics on the clergy can be found if you read or attend the atheist debates on you tube but i can't remember off hand which debate i encountered the majority one as there are so many atheist v religion and i spend hours in these debate rooms nearly every night either listening or taking part in them


Eye candy indeed. When my late husband and I decided to get married, we went to the local Unitarian Universalist place. (I don't know why I had this notion that we needed to get married in a church.) But the building was an historic beautiful Victorian. Anyway, when we interviewed her, she said that she didn't believe in God. Which is why we had her marry us. And had a secular good time.


Not at all.
Power is the base of religion and those who promulgate it.
They know it's a scam.


I wouldn't be a bit surprised. If a person studies and thinks about it long enough, and looks at the world around them, they are probably going to reach that conclusion.


Years ago when I was betwixt and between I made friends with a Baptist Minister of a large congregation in a nearby town. When I didn’t take he would still call me with questions from the Devil’s Advocate’s point of view. We have stayed friends all these years. He did quit the congregation and got into Gnosticism and spiritual but not religious things. I can’t say he is a non-believer but he has fallen far from the position he used to fill. I think a good percentage of ministers question more than their flocks but I doubt that a majority are agnostic or atheist.

gearl Level 7 May 17, 2018

I wouldn't doubt it at all. I would even imagine a few got into the higher up parts of some religions just for the benefits and just know how to act the role. Never underestimate the will of a person wanting power/wealth.


No, of course not.
They willingly participate in the scam, often for both money and sexual access to women/children, who are trained to trust old white men and not question authority.


I wouldn't believe a majority, but since I have as much faith in human nature as I do in gods, I'm sure there is a significant number who don't truly believe. Some churches offer counselling for clergy who have a "crisis of faith." Maybe they just tell them, "Well, youve figured it out, but since you've only been educated in myths, you better keep playing along."

JimG Level 8 May 17, 2018

I might be mildly surprised, but then, not a lot surprises me anymore. I like your hat, btw.


I would be surprised if it was a majority, but I would be interested to know how many no longer believe.


I would like to see some studies and surveys. Are there any you know about? I would bet the number is pretty high, but I don't know about a majority.


It would surprise me if it was the majority, but I'd not be surprised if it was a rather high number.


Yes, I would be very surprised. What is the source of your information?

Not even any reference to anti theist's sharing his belief.


No I have suspected as much for a long time.

Louis Mazzini:
The Reverend Lord Henry was not one of those new-fangled parsons who carry the principles of their vocation uncomfortably into private life.

Kind Hearts and Coronets1949


No. I have long suspected my clearly-homosexual Catholic priest from my early days in the church was a non-believer. It just seemed obvious to me he didn't believe any of that bullshit, but had the duty to keep the numbers up for the sake of the church's bank account.

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