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Aspartame Side Effects

sassygirl3869 9 May 18

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Cult Radio victims keep drinking these poisons because formaldehyde is sooooo sweet. ...they are TrumpOLINI voters who think burning fossil fuels is good for all mammal lungs and the melting polar ice and gone forever glaciers is a liberal vegan Stevia hoax


Splenda has nothing to do with aspartame, it is sucrelose. Aspartame is dangerous for people who suffer from phenylketonurea.


That is a bunch of garbage. I have been using aspastame for decades. I have never had a migraine or epilectic seizure. My mental health is good and I do not suffer from depression. I have no phobias. No proof exists that use of aspatame have ANY relationship to hyperactivity, MS or chronic fatigues syndrome or the purported fibromyalgia, or birth defeds of any kind. The statement is so outrageously false that I find it infuriating. The statement itself is phobic with no grounds.

I drank several dietPepsis for years. My leukemia diagnosis was out of the blue. My daughter is convinced diet soda gave me cancer.

@sassygirl3869 I have had a rare form of non-Hodgekins ymphoma for 60 years. It appeared 30 years before aspartame went on the market and has not increased due to my 30 years use of aspartame. The disease is largely genetic, shown by the fact that it has several genetic markers. Your daughter's reaction is unintelligent superstition.


Not one to be argumentative, but if Natural News told me the sky was blue I'd would doubt my own eyesight.

There are numerous links in the video's description.


No wonder I don't have them, I never even drink the "full fat" versions, let alone the "diet" ones. My mother didn't either, so how come I got the last item on the list? Duh!

Probably from the hat.


I wish I had known sooner


See, thats why I am giving up reading ?

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