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Ladies, how were you proposed to ? Was it what you expected ?

Wildgreens 8 May 18

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Hi.. I’m curious why you Specified ladies in this post? I’m sure it applies to both genders.

Leah Level 5 May 21, 2018

That can be asked either way.


Nope. It was so low key, I nearly missed it!

We needed to be celebrating something in order to get free champagne at the restaurant where we both worked. He suggested telling them we had just gotten engaged. He MEANT it!

Both the champagne AND the marriage were fantastic! (;

Zster Level 8 May 19, 2018

i proposed over chinese food in which we found a twist tie. I said " we should get married" no ring no ceremony . she said yes 34 years ago. [ we had been living together for 2 years at that point ]


Been proposed to four times. I accepted the one with a higher level of detail. None of the settings were particularly romantic--more of a blurting it out sort of a proposal. Lot of water under the bridge since those days.


I was taken to dinner for my birthday - to a restaurant that used to be an old church so it was quite beautiful - all the stained glass windows, etc etc. After we were seated, the waiter came to take our drink orders and when he returned with our drinks, he set a saucer and inverted cup in front of me. As I lifted the cup, I saw the velvet ring box....the rest is history.
P.S. My husband later admitted that he has never been so nervous in his whole life as when he gave that ring to a total stranger (the waiter) and hoped to hell the guy wouldn't slip out the backdoor and make a run for it.... hahahahahaha


In a cemetery, in a car, on a bus, casually during a date and twice during sex. I said yes to three of them.
None had a wow factor, more like are you kidding me? ?


Why should it always be the man who proposes?

All this stuff has echos of Patriarchy. I'm dismayed that some men today still ask for a girlfriend's father's 'permission' to marry, as if the woman is a cow being gifted from one family to another. No thought to ask the woman first.


I actually can't remember. Must have been totally unmemorable! And why not. Both marriages were fab.


Om my first date with Bob, we looked at each other and said, "Where have you been all my life?" We decided to wait a month before even telling anyone. It seemed so crazy to know that we had finally found each other. We got married six months later. We had 17 great years together (until he passed away.) I would never believe this if it had not happened to me.

I'm happy for you and sad for you at the same time.

@Ellatynemouth I am much more happy than sad. I was lucky to have him in my life for so many years. Thank you for your kind words!


We got wasted and as we were laying in bed he just said "we gonna get married" and then passed out.

It really should have been a red flag for how the rest of the relationship would go


He wrote a letter detailing all the reasons why I shouldn't marry him, gave it to me to read, and when I was finished reading it, he was like "well?" and I was like "??" and then he had to explain that it was meant to be a proposal. I don't know really what I expected, but that wasn't it.

Probs shoulda taken that letter more seriously. 😛


My ex hinted at marriage the first time he met me. I was NOT interested in marriage, but he was happy to wait me out for over a year, being a hiking pal, dance partner, and friend.


I proposed to my husband. He has trouble making decisions. I knew what I wanted. Ha!

Sometimes a lady has to take charge.


Sorry to say my first wife proposed to me (I said I'll think about it). When I proposed to my late wife it was at a famous waterfall here in Washington State. It was a beautiful day and the falls were running at full force. She said okay but I want you to take me to a park along the water and propose at sunset. She thought this would be more romantic! So I had to ask twice.


I accidentally came across the ring before he proposed, so I wasn't surprised.


It wasn't memorable.

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