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Guys, you do realize that we receive notifications EACH time you visit our profiles? I'm considering a ten visit limit before you must make actual contact. ? Say hi at least.

MarlaPaine 6 May 19

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Hi. Your self description sounds like someone I would like to know. I wish you lived closer.


A visit doesn't automatically indicate romantic interest.

I don't think one or even two visits means romantic interest. These are guys who are coming to my profile once per day or every other day ten or more times.

@MarlaPaine That sounds a bit creepy

@MarlaPaine I don't see why you even care, if you're only here for community.


Curious why it's the guys part to contact ?
But yeah, I'll hit someones profile to see what else they've had to say about topics if something strikes that urge.
It's one thing I like about this site.
Click on somones profile, you see a variety of responses they've made.

I'm not suggesting itis. I've contacted guys I was interested in. Again, these are guys who are visiting 8+ times in just a couple of weeks.

More to the point, why does it matter when the person being viewed is not here for dating?


I usually look at peoples profile who comment or like things. I helps me understand them a little better. Oh I’m sorry almost forgot hello ?


I click on someone's profile if they have an interesting post or comment, just to see what else they have written. Sometimes I check a profile several times. Turned all my notices off.


Why does it matter? I don't get it.

I too am a bit puzzled why this matters to someone who is here for community and not dating.

@bingst Fuck if I know.

@Stacey48 Drama, attention, points?


Yup, we realize that..... We get those too.....

@Crimson67 I don't care either (by the way, I may have visited yours about a million times but who's counting right?...oh wait, someone does.. ). ???

@Crimson67 So disappointed.... Very..very..... I was dead sure you were going to pull the red card ??? ?????⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽

@Crimson67 I get that, no yellow card.... however, I thought my foul was bad enough to go to a red card !! (this is so much fun, we could do this longer than 90 minutes... wink wink)

@Crimson67 penalties...the dread nightmare of some teams that come to mind right now.....uufffff.... by the way, is it June yet?????

@Crimson67 (psshhh..... just between you and me now that no one is watching (like this is a private message, I got the metaphor too )

@Crimson67 Sometime I will tell you a heartbreaking story about an uncalled and unfair penalty that changed things big time in the last world cup.... I am still grieving and pissed about it. I'll save this one for a rainy day... and regarding having too much comments on this thread, oh well no need to apologize, I am sure the original message (already forgot what it was) won't mind us just talking and having fun.... enjoy your travels and I hope you will get WiFi whenever you may go...the world cup is the world cup !!!!


Sometimes I look at people's profiles to get a better variety of posts that have been commented on, because I find the same ones come up over and over on my feed. So it's not even about visiting the person. Sorry!

I do too. I'm talking about visiting 8+ times in just a couple of weeks.




Everyone visit Marla, but tip toe.



Do I like have to like send you a message or something? lol

balou Level 8 May 19, 2018

I think I have 8 visits left???


I don't mind people looking. Look all you want!. I do like your intro. Good idea with the bullets. (I think those dots are called bullets) Hey-hello!


I kind of would rather not know who visits and how many times they also makes me apprehensive to visit others profiles..

Yup, I'm careful about clicking on a profile too.


I wasn't aware of this. However, if someone keeps peeping your profile why not take the initiative and start a conversation with them?

That's what they do on my profile-'peep and run' or comment-but does not bother to at least inbox me a message!

I wanted to give them a community supported heads up that I knew they were peeping before I contacted them one on one. Soften the shock. ?


Hi... just being sociable.


I had no idea that women get notified of every visit. Do men get notified the same way? I get alerts and posts, but is there a setting for visits?


That doesn't seem fair. We guys don't receive such notices. Besides, sometimes we are just curious. Also, maybe that would be an indication that you women need to be more assertive. Some guys are shy?!

I do receive those notifications. I know who and when watched my profile. Even stats of how many visitors I have since day one. You may want to check your settings

@IamNobody I get them, too.

@IamNobody I must be doing something wrong because I don't seem to get them. is there a way to have that set up?

@JackPedigo I didn't set anything myself. I am using the Android phone app with Chrome..... I guess my settings by default do that


Sorry. Hello, MarlaPaine. I hope you’re having a nice weekend.


See my post about my mobile phone's a EE hawk so you know how shit it's is


Ha! You somehow think we are going to work for this? Sorry, that ship sailed at least 20 years ago for me 🙂


Hi, even though I haven't visited your profile in some time now...

Hey there. ?


You can turn the notifications for it off

I like being notified and I'm not complaining. I just don't think everyone knows we can see this.

@Faithless1 Someone else said this could be turned off. I too could not find it. I wonder if those saying it can be turned off don't realize that it's not the usual Notification/Alert that we get via the Bell icon.

@bingst I turned mine off but i honestly don't recall how I did it

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