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With technology advancing so quickly, it won’t be long before we have sex robots which seem almost identicle to humans. Is this a good or bad thing?

KenG 6 May 20

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I think they could be fun - and a whole lot less complicated ! I'd be willing to give one a try ...


I don't think it's good or bad.


I think realistic sex dolls would be very useful for men and women who can’t find decent attractive partners. It would reduce the amount of unhappy couples who are with each other out of desperation.

I’m not a psychologist so I couldn’t say how mentally healthy (or not) treating a robot as a sexual partner would be. I think it would be useful to hear some professional unbiased opinions on this.

KenG Level 6 May 20, 2018

I was going to post a link but just google "sex robot"You can get one for about $4k. I think the one for $40 is probably just a doll. I havent studied people interested in this kind of thing but my best guess would be little interest in living breathing females.NOt sure it would affect us women much.@Ellatynemouth in another search sparked by these kinds of questions I have found people that are concerned about right of sex worker robots.

I am hoping that those who decide to indulge in robots don't get brain-washed into adopting mental conditioning that may make their attitudes to and treatment of their robots a behavior that they then unintentionally may transfer to treatments and attitudes toward fellow humans.

@mkeaman my guess is they are already there in relating to a machine first


they are here


Bring on Gigalo Joe ?

Besides, it might reduce the number of sexual assaults on real women. I'm all for it. I think the benefits outweigh any... what is the downside??

We don't know if that's the case.

If some men get pleasure from beating up sex dolls which are made to resemble women does that not normalise violence in their minds?

I can imagine a dystopian future where dolls that can scream and ooze fake blood are sold to men who want to act out their misogynistic fantasies in the privacy of their own home.

How can we be certain that reinactments won't spill into real life in the same way violent porn incites some men to enact real life violence?

@Ellatynemouth I'm thinking that's a small number compared to the vast amount of assults due to sexual frustration. Of course we don't know and won't until it happens.
In regards to violence against women I think the focus should be on their deeper mental health issues that need to be addressed and not as much about keeping sex toys off the market. just m.o.


Mechanical doesn't argue or need their egos stroked. I supposed that's a plus.


Apparently you have not watched Westworld...

The maze !! Great series

That's what I was about to say! ?

@Remi maybe we can exchange notes !! Great series, outstanding casting... I was entertained the whole first season.

@IamNobody maybe we need a westworld group, that last episode! Are you caught up on season 2?

@Remi sadly not, I am not. Reason being, I don't have satellite anymore. Anyway, I'll wait on the DVD set. I don't mind spoilers though so no worries (BTW season one, lot of characters but whaooo.. Dolores !!!! ...mmmhh mmmmmhhh mmmhhhh !!) ??

Am I the only person that doesn’t like Westworld??


If people want to delude themselves with fake intimacy, that's up to them. The whole thing stinks of misogyny and seems to be a natural extension of some men's views about women being objects.

And no doubt, these sex robots will be designed for men. Not women.

And I challenge men to question how they would feel if male versions of such robots were made for women.

Imagine if some women enjoyed abusing their male sex robots - again how would they feel. Could the term 'misandry' be applied?


And just to make things more disturbing, there are child sex dolls...



I thought they were already a thing. To each his own I say.


Yes, but it can never substitute a real human.


If it could reduce the anger and violence of those incel (involuntarily celibate) men, even if it means programming them to be highly submissive and obedient, then it could be a good thing.


Have you met the people breeding in this country? If we could reduce population growth by giving them robots as an alternative to have sex with I would be all for it!

cj2075 Level 5 May 20, 2018

Bwa ha ha ha


Will it be jUst as two face and one sided as today's sex toys use a flesh light you pervert hey girls I got a thumper5000 with double penetration realistically spunking cheeck spreading vag smasher !!


Where can I get mine on the cheap?


Have you watched the series "Humans"? Interesting take on just this possibility.


For me that would only work if they could program robots to be emotionally intuitive. I don't think we're going to be there in my lifetime.

Work is actually being done in making systems emotionally aware and responsive.

Let's not forget about pheromones...

@bingst Yes, I saw an article on this very thing not so long ago. Of course I can't remember where I saw the article so I cannot provide a source. Actually I think it might have been on an episode of VICE News on HBO.

@patchoullijulie I forget where I saw it. Nova, maybe? Of course, this has application beyond sex robots, especially in the area of those afflicted with some form of dimentia.

@bingst That's interesting.

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