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Should Kelly Sadler-White House Aide-Be Fired For John McCain Insults?

sassygirl3869 9 May 20

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Why fire her for saying out loud what everyone around her is thinking? Getting cancer doesn't change the fact the John McCain is not now, nor has he ever been more than self-serving.


If was an obnoxious thing to say - however everyone can make the odd stupid and objectional remark.

Is this remark typical of Kelly Saddler's normal attitude? If so she should certainly go.

Or is this truly a one-off, out of character?

My suspicion is the the first of those two options is the true one - but I base that on my natural loathing and mistrust of all associated with Trump and the current Whitehouse. I don't actually KNOW.


YES! Fire her ass and hound her to the ends of the earth, at least until she fades into obscurity.




no public apology, no job

no job anyway.

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