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What is the best view you have ever had from your house?
I've lived in a lot of interesting places over the years but I would say that this house we rented on the edge of a cliff in Bermuda had the best view of all. The next landfall in that direction was Africa. This would have been a Sunday brunch, the ocean is a steep drop 100+ feet down just beyond the fence.

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The best view so far has been a herd of deer in the back yard. easily 20 of them. and watching the hawks build a nest and raise three babies. very cool. i hear them all the time in the trees.

I love being close to nature, it helps me keep things in perspective. Your view sounds beautiful. 👍


This is the view from here this morning, there's a doe down by the road that has just come up from the river where it had a drink. Wherever I go I need to be close to water, no necessarily on it but I need to be able to see it, I find it's energizing.

I had a home once with a lazy stream flowing through a woodsy back yard. My gaze out the window would always fall on the water, and the way it reflected the trees and sky. Lots of wildlife would also come around, which made it interesting.


Your view from there is amazing! I'm lucky that I can walk or drive to many gorgeous mountain and ocean views from where I currently live, but this is what I see out my window and off my lanai every day. Looks different every hour of each day, from sunrise to sunset. Haven't gotten tired of it yet. Can watch planes arrive and depart, cruise ships, surfers, kiteboarders, the full moon rising over the ocean is amazing in summers, sunrises are spectacular in winters. Nowhere else I'd rather be for right now.

That's a beautiful view that I doubt you will ever get tired of seeing.


Outstanding... we have never been that fortunate. My wife would love it. We just exist and be grateful. That's it for us... you do go places and see things.


I grew up on a lake in Michigan, facing northwest. Glowing sunsets filled the sky with colors, reflected in the lake and flowing into our living room windows.

This fueled my love of the outdoors. As a kid, at sunset I sat on our dock with my feet in the water, dreamily watching the colors change. Guppies nibbled and tickled my toes.

"You have a million dollar view," my grandfather said.

I used to keep my Chris Craft in Grand Haven, MI, it is an incredible view.


When I built this house I had the full sweep of the Olympic Mountains and a peekaboo of Puget Sound. Now just a glimpse through the trees.

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