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How Old Were You When You Started Working?
What Was Your First Job?

By sassygirl38699
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I grew up on a farm/feedlot so I was doing farm chores and working with livestock since I was physically able to stomp on things or pull a rope. Later, I got to use tools like hammers, shovels, pliers, crowbars, paintbrushes, pitchforks, and vaccination syringes. I started getting paid for it when I was around 13


My first paycheck job was working at a county park for $1.70 an hour. I was 16.

jonds56 Level 6 May 26, 2018

16 @ KFC...Assistant Manager in less than six months.


Babysitting at 11/12. Mother's Helper after School. Age 15 tagged shoes at Morse Shoe after school for 2 years.


13, drying cars as they came out of a car wash. This was before the air blowers were used.


I was 16, worked in a restaurant in Grand Island Nebraska called Driesbach's. Fabulous food. I made salads, washed dishes, cooked potatoes. Not all on the same night. My mom had worked there before she passed on, all my brothers worked there in HS. Real family place.


I think I babysat at about 11 yo.A big $.35 an hour!

Edgeward Level 6 May 22, 2018

15, dishwasher for a local bakery. That was my first job for which I had to fill out a w-4. I did yard work before that.


When I was 17 my first job was at a fast food joint called Pup 'N Taco. It lasted only 3 days because on the third day the manager told me to clean the bathroom and I said "Later" smile001.gif


I was 12?13?14? and would work wrapping gifts at the sporting goods store my mother worked at during the Xmas season, for like $2 an hour LOL. 1st job = gift wrapper. I made bows, learned how to wrap a basketball LOL, how to hide seams etc.

Qualia Level 8 May 22, 2018

15... bag boy at military commissary. Im still really good at it.


My first formal job was at age 17, cart attendant outside sam’s club. Was there nearly a year.

Katrik Level 7 May 22, 2018

Gas station attendant @ age twelve worked all through college and was a manager of one at graduation.Started at $1.00 per hour and that was not enough for changing snow tires in the snow. Tips were a dime.

Marine Level 8 May 22, 2018

My first experience earning money, I was 10. Had and old carriage. put a cooler in it and sold bottle of soda in the park. It lasted about 15 days when the cops chased me out of the park for not having a license. Age 12I sold fireworks (not )legal) At age 15 was the first job I paid taxes. I ran the supply closet at a YMHA

steve148 Level 7 May 22, 2018

I was 8 years old, and the ladies at the wonder bakery let me help direct day old products to the bins for pig farms, or into the two day old dad was drunk and never home. They paid me with bread and rolls and cakes...sometimes splitting a cake was dinner for 5 siblings and mom...


I was 16 (minimum age back then in Germany). I worked my first summer job in a plastics factory, removing bits and pieces off blow-dryer casings as they came out of the machine.

So was this a blow job job ???

@VAL3941 yes, with a sharp knife in hand.

Oops !

  1. I had a paper route.
Kbdank71 Level 7 May 22, 2018
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