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Are us atheists becoming evangelical and close minded?

If we are we become as bad as all the other religions that try to recruit members.

We're here, what we are, evolved humans (except for your president) by pure chance. High school Maths.
We're a fragile species. Sort of lost. Whatever random mutation happened in our genes may have happened too quickly and we have a long way to go before we adjust. The ethical does not keep pace with intellectual development. Greed still seems to dominate our inclinations.
Maybe that's the fate of semi-intelligent life. We've been sending out radio signal since the 1920's and no one is out there (there's plenty of exo-planets within 40 light years). We should have heard from them by now but maybe they self annihilated. ET gives us a call.

jules4169 6 May 24

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Are we becoming Evangelical? Only if we have "good news" about this man who was killed for us so that we might believe in him and live forever. What "message" does an atheist evangelist have?
My message is that gods are imaginary. Fux News might tell you anything.

Well thought out video.

The inherent trap with atheism right now is that it has become synonymous with liberalism, a belief system with its ideological roots in New Testament Christianity. Secular Humanism -- especially -- is simply a secular version of New Testament Christianity. All the same values. There are other much older and more natural and time-tested ways of approaching life than liberalism.

Two examples. First present-day Judaism. Most contemporary Jews no longer hold a literal belief in their tribal god, Yawheh. They understand that 3,000 years ago they did need such a God to be their nanny through life, but since then they have grown up. Now they can take care of themselves. They have shelved their tribal god without rejecting tribalism itself. Hence the name Judaism. Jews essentially focus on themselves. The religion is now a nexus for their survival and advancement in this life. Although they maintain their older traditions and stories, the purpose of all this is to teach them lessons in tribal survival. Group cohesion and loyalty.

The second example is the African American Christian church. From slavery times right up through the Civil Rights struggle, the black church was always the nexus for black resistance to an oppressive system. Black preachers functioned as political leaders and even revolutionaries. The stories from the Bible were always interpreted in a way to provide support, guidance and encouragement to black people dealing with harsh environments. The black church didn't just preach stupid bullshit to its people. It was vital to their existence and eventual triumph over slavery and racism.

This brings us to today's typical atheist: He or she is typically a white person with well-above-average intellect. This person also needs a life with meaning and purpose. The purpose of all life is to bring forth more life, and hopefully over time this new life will become more intelligent an more highly evolved. So your typical white atheist needs a religion, like Judaism, which will help him or her find a good mate and bring good children into life and educate them. Of necessity this means a return to tribalism. Unitarian Universalism or Secular Humanism just doesn't cut the mustard here. The problem is that anytime whites start thinking tribally the people who already think that way start yelling "racist." Therein lies the challenge.

your first paragraph make no sense. You are referring to the lefters.

Classic liberalism: free speech, equality for all, no state religion,...

Thankyou for your deep analysis. It has given me a lot to think about especially the concept of Tribalism.
Yes, in Australia we have enclave suburbs where those of either Judaism or Islam tend to live and socialize. We never got into the slavery though some people may dispute that.
Martin Luther King - I greatly admire his memory. Sometimes churches can be a source of political activism and change, others, the evangelical ones are just a money making exercise.

To Jacar: I should have inserted the world "modern" or "contemporary" in front of my use of the word "liberalism." I understand the difference between it and classical liberalism that evolved in the Victorian Era. My understanding of liberalism in my post was what passes for party dogma in the Democratic Party of Barak Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton.


We didn't start this shit. And in responding, we are NOT in anyway becoming them, regardless of apparent similarities.

I hope most anti-theists become less tolerant of the stupidity being forced upon us, all children, and consequently our future's: text books bereft of science, prayer classes in public schools, anti-gay, anti-reason, child abuse, and lies lies lies about non-believers.

The spread of islamist fascism is real and intends to push us into another feudal dark period.

Jacar Level 8 May 25, 2018

I have always been tolerant of gay people, although I have never cared to have them as real friends. Doing so always leads them to push sex on you. But anyway, being anti-gay is hardwired into human instinct because the homosexual lifestyle is a genetic dead end. You simply cannot sustain a culture that is profoundly homosexual. Thus gay-tolerant cultures tend to die off while gay-intolerant cultures flourish. This has nothing to do with morality. It has to do with Nature and what works in Nature and what doesn't. Gay culture may be more sophisticated in some ways; gays themselves may often be immensely talented and intelligent, but Nature only selects those with the traits that promote successful reproduction. So stupid brutes who successfully reproduce will flourish in the long run while sophisticated gays won't. My own thinking tells me that being gay is a genetic anomaly, a birth defect that always occurs in about one or two percent of the population. We have always had gay people, and we always will. It's nothing to get worked up about for the thinking person.


Just for myself, I don't feel "evangelical" in my atheism. It's simply a total lack of belief in gods and religion.
However, being an anti-theist is totally different. It actually requires an almost evangelical devotion to
tearing down all religious influences on the lives of all people.
It's much easier to be an atheist, in my opinion. Being an anti-theist is what requires much more


Oops as correctly pointed out my blog contained two separate issues with only a tenuous relationship between them. Learnt my lesson, never write a blog after 5 glasses of red wine which in fact has got me thinking after the aspririn kidded in.
Now Australia is largely a secular society (except for recent Middle East imports) and we never really cared if someone had a religion or was atheist. I don't believe we ever had that divide. It sort of never entered the conversations and if you did somehow mention you were an atheist we'd think you come from a country called Atheiasia which sounds a bit like Australia - well they start with "A'. You'd be greeted with open arms.
Sure some people go to church but I think it may be for the social interaction. We don't wear t-shirts advertising out religious or lack off beliefs.
You guys live in an interesting country which I can't quite make sense of. You have so many extremes so I can feel your frustration.
Anyway come for a holiday in OZ. I'll show you around but please don't wear a back t-shirt with imprinted in white 'I'm An Atheist' . We'd think you got some medical condition that needs serious antibiotics. You'd be hospitialised before you got off the plane.

I just knew I should have moved to there. lol


A lot of things mixed up in this post. Atheists should be clear and confident and engage on the issues. That's not evangelical. Not close minded. Not the same as "other religions". Atheism is not a religion. Recruit? No, connect, yes. As for the aliens, I'll leave that to the qualified science members. But no contact does not mean no aliens. Turn around time even at light speed is slow. Maybe they are there but not advanced. Maybe they are on their way. Maybe they are wise enough to keep the hell away from us. Who knows?

Great answer!


Atheists should be "evangelical". The religious right is actively imposing their religion on everyone. You can't be passive with an aggressor and expect to win.

We sort of don't have that here in the country I live. Only the occasional JW knock on the door and I am polite to them. I don't believe in destroying the assumptions that make people tick.


I try to avoid the confrontational thing that some other atheists have going on. I know we have a bad rep for getting into fights because we try to assert ourselves as better and smarter that theists, which isn't always the case, generally speaking. As an agnostic, I respect other beliefs while maintaining faith in my own. I'm pretty sure that many theists don't really understand agnosticism and just put us in the same category as those who are merely atheist. We should all just try to respect each other.

Live and let live. My thoughts exactly. When you stand in front of a crowd and shout your beliefs, you have become another lunatic.

Great response. Totally agree with you.


Yes, evolution is painfully slow isn't it.
It will be hundreds, thousands, of years before we might achieve what we can already conceive of. Spans of time indifferent to our paltry eighty or so years.
But that's what makes it great - we think beyond our time, as will they then.


I never go to any person and tell them to lose their religion. I did not want other people to try to convert me. If a person comes to me and tries, I give them the reasons, why I reject their position.

As far as other intelligent life forms out there,forty lights years, is is not that far. There might be some form of life that has not invented the radio as of yet, or maybe so advanced they stopped using radios eons ago.

Or our radio waves just got there so it'd take 40 years for us to know.

the first radio stations were around 1920, According to your math, radios were fist used in 1978.


Let's look at the last part first. The first signals we sent out that were powerful enough to be sifted out of the background noise beamed out into space some 74 years ago when WJZ went to 50Kw on 660 kHz. Now, those signals that managed to escape Earth (a small portion of the station's power) were scattered all over the sky and mixed in with all the cosmic noise, so even though they were out there it is highly doubtful that anyone would have heard them anyway. We now know that the sweet spot in the cosmos, known as the waterhole, is the range from 1420 to 1720 MHz. Outside that narrow spread, there is emf chaos. Any civilization as advanced as we are would know that and would have concentrated their listening in that range on the assumption that anyone broadcasting with the intent of being heard would know that too. This is not an anthropomorphization. It is merely based on the idea that science and the knowledge thereof will not be any different anywhere else.

Now, the first part. Atheists are people and as such are prone to the same foibles as religious people. In an ideal state we would have dropped all connection with anything irrational other than basic human emotions. Supernatural would not be in our lexicon. The reality is, we know better than that. I hope that we will eventually ascend to that level of thinking and that we'll have enough of an effect on the populations of the world that many of them will be dragged along in our wake. At the moment, that is not how things work and we need to accept the fact that it takes all kinds to make a society. In other words, accept the reality around you and relax. All in good time. All in good time.

The instruments we use now are incredibly sensitive and background noise is filtered out through intelligent algorithms. Just a pattern is looked for and I believe we listen on a broad spectrum and yet nothing. Maybe the aliens are trying to communicate telepathically!

@jules4169 -- Broad spectrum was begun a few years ago. For a long while we were concentrating in the waterhole across its width. General frequency scanning was used in the early days, but didn't last long because of the noise. Some are even searching the visual spectrum for light pulses these days.


I just try to keep doing good and treating other people well. I want to break the stigma that after m atheists and agnostics are"bad" people. I want to be better than them, outdo them at their own moral game.

They are not involved in a "moral" game. They are involved in a power game. The power to force you to submit to their world view. That is why we need organizations like FFRF,

I'm with you Blue. We can be better than them but we should tread lightly. Many theists are fragile people and if we use too much logic they'll just end up in state run institution at taxpayers expense.

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