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. Are there any actors or actresses that use so detest that you refused to put out any money to see any of their movies?

SonOfABeach 7 May 26

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Mel Gibson. A very untalented actor. Almost as bad as Kevin Costner.


Jodie Foster.


I don't want to let my personal feelings about their private lives affect how I look at their work. Too many artists have questionable morals while their work can be terrific.


Tom Cruise.


There's a significant Venn diagram overlap between actors I don't watch and genres I don't watch, so it's not difficult at all for me to avoid the likes of Adam Sandler and others of that ilk.


Will Ferrell.

Zster Level 8 May 26, 2018

I liked him on SNL, but I'm not a fan of his movies. I'll take him in small doses.


Never been a fan of Woody Allen or The Three Stooges humor. Never seen a Three Stooges movie all the way through and the last Woody Allen movie I saw was Sleeper.

Adam Sandler is just a lazy piece of shit who actually has some acting talent but refuses to make use of it. I wouldn't give that sad sack money for one of his shitty movies if someone else was paying entry to the theater on my behalf.


Mel Gibson

I want to give you 3 thumbs up!!!


Rosie fucking O'Donnell...she a Bitch and hates Transwomen..meant Roseanne Barr..not Rosie O' bad.

What? When did she say that?

@Palacinky damn..your right, got them confused..apologies..


I don't boycott, Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie have a creepy vibe so I avoid watching them. Woody Allen hasn't made a funny movie in decades so not missed.


Tom Cruise (because of Scientology) and Johnny Depp (because I don't like him as an actor.)


Woody Allen

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