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What is your favorite beverage? Does it depend on the weather?

I enjoy scotch. I love hot tea. I like coffee. Cuban coffee is the best. But in the winter, I love hot chocolate, especially Mexican hot chocolate.

cercatrova 6 Dec 19

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Pineapple & Coconut Rum over light ice, I call it a vacation in a glass


Wow, that's a tough one. In the summer, I like vodka. But in the winter I prefer vodka. For breakfast, I really love vodka, and sometimes for an Apéritif I'll have vodka. In my cereal I use vodka, and as a nighttime snack I'll sip some vodka.


This. Is. Awesome. <3


Summertime: gin & tonic, Caesars (it's a Canadian thing), my homebrew Corona knock-off recipe with a wedge of lime, my homebrew witbier with a slice of orange, and white wine.

Wintertime: white wine, my homebrew Irish red ale, homebrew American IPA, Baileys in coffee, White Russians a la Big Lebowski, white wine, single malt scotch, preferably Glenfiddich. Did I mention white wine?

Glenfidditch is my favorite. There is a blue label “American Reserve” that is amazing. That’s all I want for Christmas.


People say I look like I'm doing a tv commercial when I drink milk, gobble it down with my eyes closed, cold and fresh ... MMM milk. I love a good cup of coffee (kona coffee being the best in my opinion) but I'm a sucker for tea and all kinds of juices. Also a cold beer or cider. Its one of those things that depends on the moment.
Being from a remote mountain area where the melt water flows from the snowcapt mountain, just to bend down and drink from the stream is a invigorating experience as well... So...many...favourites.. 😉

Grim Level 4 Dec 19, 2017

Whaaaaaa??? I wanna try the drinking from the spring bit!

@cercatrova you won't go back to tap... 😉


I’m rather fond of dark Sumatran coffee. I quit drinking years ago. I didn’t care for the after-effects. Also, there’s a history of alcoholism in my family which makes me statistically prone to it. So, real cream, caramel syrup and rich dark coffee.


When I drank, I used to love scotch. I loved it too much, so now I don't drink (alcohol)..I drink coffee all day long...

Me too. I'll wake up at 4 In the morning and make a pot. Drink some and go back to

Me too, Bucket...I've actually fallen asleep while drinking coffee and dumped it on myself. I have no pity for people who say, "I had half a cup of coffee this morning, and now I'm wired!" HA! We laugh at caffeine!

@twitch me too. Poured it on me sleep... my wife was pissed but I cleaned


Water - most of the time.

Tea, or hot chocolate when it's cooler .

That's it !


Coca Cola with a small amount of Tawny Port

This is a new one on me!


Cold black coffee ... sometimes with lots of milk. Evenings either red wine or Yuengling beer. 🙂


I like Bailey's and coqiuto for the holidays.
Hot. Cold
Summer. Cafe con leche. Sweet iced tea
Fal. Apple cider. Apple cider
Winter. Ginger milk. Chocolate milk
Spring. Hot Tea. Cherry Lemonade

Ginger milk?? Never heard of such a thing...what’s it taste like?

It's awesome, sweet yet a lil spicey due to the ginger. It's good on cold nights and healthy. It's a very old recipe for getting rid of colds within 8 hrs as woul need.....
12oz milk
3-5oz ginger root peeled washed and cut
4tblspnof sugar
1tspn cinnamon
Mix all ingredients in pot and simmer on low 20-30 minutes depending on how strong you want it pour into cup over strainer and enjoy


I was a beer connoisseur, however I no longer drink being a responsible parent and role model. I do appreciate a st. pauli's girl N/A from time to time. Hot cider in the winter. Water is my ultimate favorite every water has its own flavor. The best by far is well water. The water that comes off of the condensers on a ship that has been out to sea is rather tasty as well. Have not had the water that the Japanese get from deep within the ocean It is considered virgin water.

How Cool! My wife is a water person too. It's got to be filtered. She looks at me when she reaches in the refrigerator and its empty. Don't look at me baby... I drink the coffee and the water comes from the spicccet in the

I can taste the suttlest change in the water flavor. I have had people in the past try to substitute the water I was drinking,I know it imadely it was switched . Helps with cooking to because I can do it with food as well, not as defined as I can with water.


It's a toss up between milk and Coca Cola.


I don't drink alcohol but i like a white Hot chocolate from starbucks when its cold. when its hot sometimes i enjoy a caramel Frap from starbucks. I prefer hot tea. on rare occasions i do like Sprite.


Coffee for me!... everything else is just a drink. I know I'm no fun. Coffee does it for me.


Disaronno and coke when drinking.
Coffee in a morning.
Tea if someone else is making it.

Never had that in coke, only with sweet ‘n sour or just straight. May have to try that.


Simply strong coffee. If deciding to consume alcohol in public place... tequila shots, prefer gold with slice of orange and cinnamon on top. intimate consumption... Cointreau straight. During these holidays... We 'Ricans have COQUITO!!!!

  1. Water 2. Coconut water 3. Aloe vera juice 4. Coffee. 5. Soda. In that order.

My preference is not paired with a season (because in Florida there are only 2 seasons (Summer and Less Hot). My preference is water; however, I do enjoy half sweet tea/half unsweet. I especially like Iced Green Tea by Arizona.

My preferred alcoholic beverage is a Long Island Ice Tea. 🙂


It doesn't really depend on the weather for me. My favorite beverage is water, as it quenches my thirst. But, I drink black coffee every morning, and if I go out to eat, I like ordering iced tea. My favorite spirit is SNAP, and I especially enjoy it during the holidays.



vanillahazelnut coffee
southern comfort and cranberry juice on rocks

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