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I was torn about stopping and trying to get a shot of the Vermillion Cliffs at sunset but couldnt really find a good place to pull over. I started to drive up from the valley floor and got this instead

By btroje9
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oh, she's gonna jump! that is very picturesque, by the way smile001.gif


and still more

That looks like Shiprock. NOt that far apart by distance but the geology is very different

@btroje yes. It's a volcanic neck.

@CrazyQuilter that looks like you are driving east toward the town of SHiprock.I like the foreground

@btroje When I lived in CO, my mother lived in PHNX. Used to drive there every winter.


It's lovely country. Here's another from the same region.




I love this photo. Nice to see in your profile, but not likable. Here, I can like it a lot.


Well done!!


Midday wide angle shot from the same spot.

I know people who think the desert is not pretty, but I totally disagree. It's a stark kind of beauty, subtle maybe.

The desert can be beautiful, I have lived here since 1980 and would never live anywhere else. And dense forest gives me claustrophobia.


Wow... it must be nice...


I'm sure I have taken pictures from that same spot.

that turn out on the left coming up from the valley floor as you go towards the North Rim? It was funny. I was pretty much alone on the highway but when that scene happened everyone converged at that turn out

@btroje there are spots like that - there's one in the Grand Tetons where 40 people will show up to catch the sun setting behind the mountains. There's no one there during the day

@Johnsalterego they obviously know. Me, I was just bumbling around wondering if I was going to run out of gas and didnt even know the moon was full

It's the only turnout on that hill. I was also on the way to the North Rim of the canyon. I passed two bison herds near the entrance of the park.


Looks really Hot?

RavenCT Level 9 May 28, 2018

It is pretty high up, not normally that hot.

it was October so not as hot as you would think but it is desert not that far from Paige Arizona

But not low desert, so it is not as hot as Phoenix.

@GeorgeRocheleau oh no. there is hot and then there is HOT


Gorgeous photo!

Justjoni Level 8 May 28, 2018
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