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Seriously people Blocked by 2 people today ???? One for disagreeing with someone idea on patriotism and the other disagreeing with a racist sympathiser. How is anyone going to get anything from a discussion site if the first thing you do is block someone for disagreeing with you ?

Simon1 7 May 29

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I believe many block too easily. I have put myself out there in many of the forums on this site & have a few that have blocked me, but I've blocked no one. Instead of using a block for abuse or harassment it's used to further insulate oneself from anything different coming in. I personally think its a bit childish in many instances & limits one from differing viewpoints. I guess I'm lucky that I don't get my feelings hurt that easily. Tho how one can be an atheist in this society & be so delicate astounds me.


Thats up to them, honestly. If they don't want to interact with you, thats their call.


We've come to an age where people not only lack, but seem repelled by breadth of discussion. People can listen to one genre of music on Sirius, one category of movie on Netflix, and conservatives watch Fox News, while liberals watch CNN and MSNBC. We hear what we agree with, and ignore those who differ from us. So - when engaged in an environment like this - they can't handle the differing opinions and choose to block them.

It's not about you. It's about them.


I have blocked more people than I ever thought necessary. Necessary for my own peace of mind and enjoyment of this site. I am NOT here specifically to debate anybody. Life is too short for me to waste brain cells, time and energy on people that are toxic, mean-spirited, ill-informed, arrogant, overly sarcastic, rude, and/or combative to me or anybody else, or who simply get on my nerves. Some I ignore and others I disappear from my screen. I appreciate the option.

Yep. Not here to stress myself out or police anybody. If I dislike you, buhbye


There's a part of me that thinks if you're on a sight such as this, the "block" feature should be for violations only, and you should not be allowed to block someone just for disagreeing with you. I like the idea of a temporary block while the admins check out your reasons, and then... if there is no good reason, you have to converse with people who disagree with you. We're alleged adults here...

I disagree. In my opinion, we are not in a formal debate setting. To ME, I liken this place to a big ol' back yard barbecue. If I don't want to be around somebody at a bbq, I find a way to not be around them. Here, the easiest way to not be around people with whom I don't want to be around is to block. When I block somebody, it is only MY posts they can no longer see. And, good for both of us!

That said, I would absolutely prefer the option of "muting" somebody -- so I just don't have to see what they write, but they are not blocked from seeing what I write. But, I've asked several times, and I think it's not been a consideration.

@BlueWave Except we're not at a BBQ... we're kind of in a "think tank," and thinking means allowing others to disagree with us, and still being willing to talk with them. Otherwise, we're just another version of Facebook, to which I ask, "What's the point? We already have Facebook."

@Benthoven To you we are in a "think tank." To me, we are in a community of mostly like-minded people sharing a bit of ourselves and life with each other. As in the rest of my life (for example, the bbq ANALOGY), I don't have to be around people I don't want to be around. I block people for a variety of reasons of which I've detailed before -- I have not blocked anybody merely because they disagree with me.

@BlueWave, I suppose if you don't want people to disagree with your opinion you shouldn't post your opinion. You share yours, they share theirs.

@BlueWave "To me, we are in a community of mostly like-minded people sharing a bit of ourselves and life with each other." And that right there, I think, is our disagreement. Which means I think we ultimate agree on pretty much everything else. But in my "observation" (it's more like an opinion, but it is something I've observed as well) there aren't really any "like-minded" people. Sooner or later even our best friends are going to disagree with us, and at some point even aggressively. I've had fallouts, but then fall-back-ins. Sometimes fallouts are necessary, and I absolutely won't deny that. The fallins happened because we agreed that we could listen to each other no matter how much we differed. I have Conservative and Libertarian friends and we disagree a lot... about a lot of things... adamantly... but we talk to each other because we also want to be exposed to other ideas.

To that end, I've always kind of considered the idea of "like-minded" more as a myth (in the true sense of the word myth--a story told--a traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining some natural or social phenomenon--without the supernatural stuff). And we've started using it not as a way to have truly honest and open conversations, but to avoid talking to anyone who disagrees with us.

If we truly want to be in a BBQ, then Facebook is the perfect place. We can make small-talk, drink (I'll bring the vodka), eat burgers (or hotdogs), and if we're lucky, see some fireworks. The stated goal of this site, though, was to create meaningful conversations... which means that there will be disagreements. There must be disagreements. And some of them will be big. I love the myriad of opinions, because it allows my mind to make new connections and find new ways of thinking through an issue.

To be fair, I have blocked people, but it's been very few, and it's because I felt it was bordering on harassment, and that also is no way to have a convo. There are a few assholes on my page that I'd "love" to block, but they do share honest opinions, and they give me insight into what "the other side" is thinking. I call it "reconnaissance," meaning it helps me sharpen my own arguments. 😉

And I do agree, maybe "mute" is a better option? I just want us to stay engaged, even with those who piss us off. And when I say "us" I mean me. As I look at the situation we're in at the moment I think that we will never come out the other side until we start talking to each other (and listening to each other). 😉

@Keith_J I suppose you have misinterpreted my comment or, alternatively, that you are seeking an argument just for the sake of arguing. No thanks.

@Benthoven Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We do things differently here and we view the purpose of the site differently. And, that's okay.

@BlueWave Thanks for the conversation. Seriously. This is why I enjoy this site. And yes, it's totally okay that we disagree. In fact, I think at a BBQ you and I would have some great conversations, which are easier to have in real time.

@BlueWave Nope. I just find it funny when people post an opinion on the internet and then don't like it/get upset when another person disagrees.


Some subjects are close to the bone and everyone is different.

Lots of people have blocked me. I don't mind.


I think he blocked me too


Sorry, newbie here. How can you tell you've been blocked?

When the person you are chatting to disappears from the thread or when you search their name it's just no longer there . I'm


That seem to be the American way, you be glad that they were not there physically and did not have a gun.


Block me. Please block me.


It's fine. I've been blocked loads of times, usually for disagreeing with someone. I only block people if they send me gross messages or comments (there's been plenty). There are many more on here who have at least a little intelligence and can have a discussion - personally I don't have any time or any interest in listening to the numpties.


If any dyed in the wool flag waving patriots want to block me, now is your chance.


They are probably "good Christians" that only came here to lookie-loo. Consider yourself lucky to be done with them!

@NotConvinced Well, I can tell you that it is not. I am a "far left" person and I do not block anybody, although I have been blocked by several "right wing" nutters for pointing out what Donald has revoked or said, with the evidence attached to it.


It wasnt me..... not today...... but I've done it...... I'll do it again too. It's all opinions in here. Theres no PHD'S. Hell... if someone calls you a racist... others run from you like the plague. They figure the bold person saying racist knows what they're talking about. They don't know shit! They're like saying whose going to follow me and support me now that I called out a racist? Ha! So many people didnt go add 1+1 for answer. They just follow stupid people that call others racists... I'll block their dumb ass in a heart beat.

I think perhaps you need to tell us what is a racist according to your definition. That would be a good idea.


I tend not to engage with moronic nationalists/racists because they are so stuck in their t hinking they never belonged to a debating group and don't know how to have a constructive discussion. It is beyond their education and/or intellectual capacity. Easier for them to block-gives them the feeling of white power-being in control-whether they realize they are a racist sympathesizer or not.

What? Not you?


I think I'd be ok getting blocked by a racist sympathiser.

I am ,I just feel like it's to easy for people to block you just because they are to lazy to debate with you

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