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Summer’s coming. Yesterday I posted on Facebook that I was going to start sleeping naked and 14 mosquitoes hit the “Like” button.

Duke 8 May 30

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Good one!


James Taylor's Summer's Here c/w lyrics


My skin is so tough they stay away.


only 14?


Winter is coming here in the southern hemisphere - I will be keeping watch for the White Walkers.


I thought I heard knives and forks.


All of our mosquitoes are on Antabuse™, so I dose myself accordingly and am never bitten.




I have mozzy nets on every door and window in the house, so I sleep naked in fresh air, unmolested.
Except that we also have "flying teeth", so named because they are like a set of ultra- miniature dentures equipped with wings. They are so small they can pass through normal anti-mosquito mesh and we have to use extra-fine mesh.
What's more, they ignore the Facebook terms of service!

Midges? What diseases do they carry?

Ha! We call them "noseeums"!

@SukiSue A squashed set of flying dentures! That's my forefinger for size comparison.

@FrayedBear Possibly dengue fever. But their bite itches for days!

@Petter Is that two of them or one with a black blob in the middle? Ok, I've just enlarged it, the white are the wings? Body head on so can't properly see it. It looks like a midge. Midges breed in peat.
Our latest horror from mosquitoes is the very debilitating Ross River fever which has now spread down from N. Australia.


what makes you happy enjoy nakedness

Rosh Level 7 May 30, 2018

LOL! I sleep under a ceiling fan since stinging insects can't fly in a wind.

Me too...and I hope it deters all others!


Remove the like button by eating garlic !


Glad I have screens! Year round summer here.

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