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I feel the best adjective to use in describing Trump is "Petulant".
Adjective: sulky, cross, moody, sour, crabbed, impatient, pouting, perverse, irritable, crusty, sullen, bad-tempered, ratty (Brit. & N.Z. informal), fretful, waspish, querulous, peevish, ungracious, cavilling, huffy, fault-finding, snappish, ill-humoured, captious

By Petter8
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I just call him President Dunning-Kruger.

Dunning ... or "dunny"

@Petter []

@SallyInStitches This is what I meant:- []

@Petter ?????????????


I’ve become partial to Mango Mussolini.

Mango for orange is OK, but why insult a perfectly good despot! smile009.gif


spot on - as always, Petter!

You're so agreeable! smile001.gif

@Petter, yep, you have to try harder if you want to see the sparks fly smile002.gif

@walklightly A lit-up light(ly) no less! smile009.gif

@Petter that's me: the amateur arsonist smile009.gif

@walklightly Oh, Im an arsonist - I like arsin' about smile009.gif


No doubt.

Doubtless Donald - the evangelicals answer to Doubting Thomas.

@Petter Ha!


We call him a curmudgeon. "a crusty, ill-tempered, and usually old man"

danh2os Level 4 May 30, 2018

@XxDARKNEXUSxX Don't forget cretins.

@XxDARKNEXUSxX Far too intelligent, surely?

@XxDARKNEXUSxX, @Countrywoman Cretin - or crouton, something crusty but without nutritional benefit sometimes added to soup.


I like it the PP! (Petulant President).
I can see a mini-series for cable TV here.
Petter, you'll have to produce, and make guest appearances.... with the hat, of course.


You are more kind than I have been.

EdEarl Level 8 May 30, 2018

Kinda - I reserve the slanderous stuff for when I'm out of earshot, and never commit the libellous stuff to paper.

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