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What do yall think about what happens after death?

Art3mis 4 May 31

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The same as before you were born...





Natural recycling


I am in agreement with the majority here that there is no evidence to prove that there is anything after death, this can be depressing for some people and a motivator for others once they realize they have a finite existence and should make the most of that brief time here.
On the other hand, what I would like to believe happens after death is another matter entirely and it looks a bit like this. 🙂

That's pretty awesome! I think, if I were allowed to choose, I'd want to meet Neil Gaiman's version of Death from his Sandman series:


We become worm food. Put some salt and pepper on my decomposing body for them !


Not sure about the rest, but for the deceased, not a lot.


The same thing that happened before life....remember that?


I'm going to be cremated after my death and that should be all she wrote.


I think I can certainly wait to find out.

No matter what i believe it won't change anything, so i don't worry or think about it.


you rot and become plant food

@Palacinky your right there. I think its a bloody waste of protein and we should be treated as nature treats all dead creatures. why do you need a very fertile graveyard?


What happens after death? How can this be a serious question? I cannot fully answer it and I guarantee nobody else can either.


For the creature who dies (including us, humans), there is no "after", after death. Death is the end. So, carpe diem, my friends!




Nothing but entropy.


You turn into ashes one way or another.


As others have stated, your body rots and gives nutrients to grow new life or you just wasted and polluted the ground by going into a box. Also wasting energy to cook your body to ashes.

I gave instructions to my helper to dig a hole for me under the tree where all my other cirtters are and take off with the tractor before anyone notices any difference


Nature is never wasteful. I reckon body and mind and consciousness are fully recycled 🙂


They have a new study that shows that we might be fully concence for some time after we die, and there for will know that we are dead...
How long that lasts, who knows...
I think we just cease to exist (our mind anyway), and the rest is reused by the earth in one way or another.

how did they determine that? Tibetan Buddhism talks about bardoes which sounds similar

@SallyMc, @btroje
The monitored people after cardiac arrest. When you are supposed to be clinically dead, some, but not all of the patience could describe exactly what happened after clinical death. They still had brain function when non was detected. I attached a link below of his published article.

@PeopleSuck thanks. interesting


Hopefully nothing.

I posted this the other day in another thread, but it seemed like something you'd appreciate if you haven't seen already

@ghost_warlock I had not seen it. Funny....and profoundly philosophical at the same time.

maybe we start a new job


I can only discuss the wake and such. If it is too drunk and rowdy I don't like that


A person dies. Some people have trouble grasping the notion. It seems obvious enough if we think about it for animals. People die too. If one has a good set of values and does something that gives meaning and purpose, life is beautiful.

One can become ready for death without regret or shame if you've lived a good life. To believe a person dies but somehow you really aren't completely dead always struck me as odd, if not to say illogical and highly unscientific. Why pretend otherwise?

If some humans can't handle the facts of death, if they prefer myth and illusion to truth, they're walking on a path that allows fear and wishful thinking to overcome common sense. This can open the door to the violent excesses committed by followers whose root values are irrational.

The most I can say for the other side's point of view is that perhaps religious belief provides some form of psychological comfort . . . .

Roger Level 2 May 31, 2018

What does it matter what I might imagine about an afterlife? The only thing that actually matters if if there is one and how one would go about determining that.

Since no one has ever died and lived to tell the tale (ha) -- the answer is that we have no empirical data on the topic. (And no, near death experiences don't count, they call them NEAR death for a reason).

What we DO have is indirect evidence in spades that there is no afterlife, and literally ZERO valid evidence that there is.

There is no substantiation for the notion that there is anything besides the natural world (philosophical naturalism). There is no evidence that human consciousness is, or can be, discarnate. All current evidence points to individual consciousness being an emergent property of a particular configuration of matter and energy, aka, your body and nervous system. Since the body and nervous system disorganize beginning at death such that they are no longer recognizable as you, it is highly, HIGHLY likely that your consciousness evaporates right along with it.

The only alternative I can think of is that the human brain is a biological transceiver for some wavelength of consciousness that exists in some yet-undiscovered energy field -- but there is NO evidence in favor of that and quite a lot of obstacles to it being true, not least of which is that there are no viable candidates for what this energy field would be or where it would be concealed.

Most notions of consciousness as some kind of universal or inherent property of reality are based on a composition fallacy -- that because the universe CONTAINS intelligent life, it therefore IS, itself, intelligent.

Finally even if our consciousness returns to some universal pool nothing suggests that your individuality will survive that. A raindrop can fall in the ocean and it doesn't cease to exist, but it ceases to exist AS a raindrop.

Nicely written!

Love this book ?


we become consciousness elsewhere and have no recollection of this self.

U mean we do not learn from our mistakes?

@Marine good question. it depends on who you believe there. I contend there is an issue with resultant karma that "drops you into" an advanced level, but my study there is barely in its' infancy. you'd need some experts on the Vedas to help you there.

@kauva I will be waiting

@Marine no offense intended but that's your cue to perform independent study. There's a very valid reason that Buddhists don't proselytize - the journey is every bit as important as the destination. To just be hand-fed an answer gains you nothing.

@kauva I prefer you do the work so I can keep on this format.




I’ve had a near death experience that was might hopeful. I could astral travel and snuggle with a distant lover, and he could fully feel my presence. It was heaven.

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