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Last Easter I posted the following photo on FB and apparently I offended some relatives. I was talking to my mom, a Christian, today about it, and she agreed that it is highly offensive. She said, "How would you feel if someone posted about the Muslim prophet Muhammad, jabbing fun at him?" I think she is probably right and have since taken the post down. What do you think?

mauxjen 4 May 31

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I've had some negative comments on my posts on FB and othere places about my stand on how toxic religion really is, and how silly beliefs are.But not from my family or friends, they all know how I stand and have come to respect my thoughts. I see many posts about Jesus, God, Allah etc. and people give "likes" and such all the time, so I feel that I have the right to post my thoughts about not believing as much as the religious do. The people that really know me don't give me shit about it. In fact manoy of them give me "likes" non my posts for me taking a stand.


Nailed it! ha-ha.....but I digress....


Leave it up! I think the entire thing is bizarre. Imagine instead a Jesus that was given the electric chair. His followers now wear small electric chairs (with him sitting in it) around their necks on a silver chain. My, how religious we are.

@Liberty Crucifixion was a method of execution. Many people may have been executed during the time Jesus was supposed to have lived but there is no proof of a biblical Jesus being executed at any time. An audience before Pilot and a big to do about the whole affair, even a soldier declaring the dead man was "the son of god", and then a special burial in a tomb. There is no public record at all of this and if it happened there should be. Instead we have nothing.

What is pagan? The term "pagan" is used to describe any religion other than your own.

@Liberty Perhaps it is different search engines. Imagine not pagan as being Christian. What is called pagan to one is not pagan to another.


You should have left it up. I know Christains have heard of freedom of expression. That just shows how closed minded religious people are. I wish I had the courage to post that on my Facebook page. I know it would got a lot of attention.


And here's the thing: How many jokes did Jesus ever tell? Or Muhammad? "Rejoice!", the preacher shouts at you, "Good news!".... and then leads you into yet another dirge in his barely lit church about sin, guilt, sex (horror!) and death.....


It's a meme using the core concept of a religion to be funny. I laughed, I wouldn't expect it not to offend christians.


It is sort of borderline humour. Not truly funny, especially when one considers that crucifixion (unlike God) really existed and was a truly cruel and inhumane means of terrorising the public into obedience.


I think its hilarious, but most religions don't like you poking fun at the being(s) they worship. It's best not to post stuff like this on Facebook unless you don't really care who you offend.


That's great, I just posted Happy man on a stick day for Easter and they got offended too. No sense of humor


I can see how a Christian could be offended, but I think it is funny.

Out of curiosity, does your mother think you are Muslim?

Ha ha, no, she knows I am agnostic but was using that as an example.


Lol! That's pretty bad but I know how to laugh at it. It's funny the things that offend people. I definitely couldn't show my boyfriend this!


I thought it was funny, but I have a crude sense of humor and really enjoy cyanide and happiness comics so I might not be the best to ask.

Mea Level 7 May 31, 2018
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