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kmdskit3 8 June 1

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Right now, most places in the US don't feel like a third world country because on the surface our infrastructure still looks (for the most part) fine. But mark my words. Within 10 years as the older infrastructure continues to crumble without being replaced and the newer shoddily constructed developments begin to fall apart, we'll look every bit the part.

As a garage door repair technician, I deal wirh customers every single day who bought brand new homes less than three years ago and are already having to replace every single pre-installed appliance. Including the bottom of the barrel garage door opener the contractor put in. Within five years, they'll probably have a spring break as well. I can't help but wonder what these folks are going to do when the very foundation and support structure of their home begins to crumble.


Clearly there is an agenda with this type of messages. Does it ever get old?



I was just arguing this point with a trumpanzee last night. According to him, we are the greatest nation on Earth and it all started a month after Donald Trump became president. There was no common sense, logic or factual points that I could get across to him. Is this what decades of Fox News does to the human brain or is this just blissful ignorance?


Definitely. The USA is not first in any of the things that matter, we're turning into a huge banana republic.

They still come for medicine and we are still number 1 in patents so we are still doing something right.


A good decade ago, watching triage healthcare provided by volunteer docters & dentists administered in horse stalls at a county fairground convinced me we’ve little to nothing to be proud of. With that, our last decent president immediately spent his political capital to bring us a semblance of ‘national healthcare’ that’s now being eaten away by the industrial puppeteer’s Congressional Republican lackys… God’s blessed America?

Varn Level 8 June 1, 2018

United we stand, divided we fall. #terrarespect

tipi Level 7 June 1, 2018

Unfortunately, so many Americans do not want to know.

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