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So today, the LDS church is celebrating 40 years of them not being racist. It is the 40th anniversary of when they lifted the preisthood ban on black people. I find it interesting that they feel the need to be patted on the back and congratulate themselves for it. What do you guys think?

snow1995 4 June 1

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I had similar thoughts. I don't think it is something to celebrate, especially since the only reason they changed the rule was because the government required they not discriminate for ethnicity.


I think that the self validation they need is very telling about the aditude of the members. It tells you what kind of people are Mormons.


They still OPRESS woman and would have one as a PROPHET


Whatever. I'm apathetic about everything at this point. That religion is no more rediculous than another. I imagine that most of the flock would still prefer not to see any black sheep. I don't know why a person of color would want to be associated with LDS. But I don't understand why anyone is attracted to any dogma. That's what facimates me.


40 years, still no apology, still institutional racism, no black apostles, no vilification of Brigham Young for condemning mixed race coupes to death and still the pathetic excuse that the priest hood ban never actually was doctrine, even though every prophet from Young to Kimball said it was, and even in the case of Ezra Taft Benson, called the civil rights movement "A commie plot to weaken the country"

Yeah lots to celebrate, you bunch of bigoted blow hard bastards


Good question and regarding females of their church, have they learned from the black experience? No!

Oh I could go on about their apologetics on that for a while! Haha. In seminary they always said “well. Men can’t give birth. That’s way more special than having the preisthood”. Which... I could possibly see. But any woman can have a baby. You need to have a special pass from a bishop to have the preisthood. Not the same thing haha🙂 if it was only Mormons who could get pregnant, total proof. If only good parents were able to have kids, I’d be behind that. But no. That’s not the way the world works. It’s a stupid apologetic haha🙂.


I think that sort of thing, more than anything else proves they aren’t actually talking to God. If they were he’d be giving them instructions that actually made sense or were a semblance of real justice for the time. Not just conveniently say black people are people when it was socially acceptable to do so.

Yeah, I was talking to a friend of mine about this & I was like “you don’t get to pat yourself on the back for realizing you were wrong 14 years after the country. Especially when your god should have gotten it correct in the first place”.


So basically, they felt the need for something, and congratulated this an actual offense? You come off like you're not right in the head, or something.

Growing up Mormon and reading everything that they were saying about this event, it comes off as “look how good we are. We aren’t racist”. When that is exactly what the preisthood ban was about. They specifically couldn’t enter the temple. Couldn’t get sealed. Anything that is what the church stands for. And now they say that they weren’t racist. 100 yrs. I’d be impressed. But my mom was alive during that time frame. The fact that I was one generation away, not impressive. The fact that they did this 14 yrs after the emancipation proclamation. Not impressive. They have never given a legit reason, other than “well. God said. We don’t know why.” When everything else in the church has been given a reason. They aren’t even completely honest with their members about what black people could and couldn’t have in their church. Yet they paint themselves to be the most righteous people. It’s very disingenuous. That’s what I have wrong with it


The closed minded need something to make feel better about themselves. Mormons still have hateful views of the gay community. They probably doing it to deflect there views on gay people. There was a time I considered the mormon cult. I'm glad I avoided that train wreck. They also deny they have a problem with pliligomy. Which we all know is a big lie.

There is a lot that I don’t agree with the Mormon church. But they have done their best to separate themselves from the FLDS. The FLDS are the practicing polygamists. But yes, I agree. Very bad view of the LGBT community. One of the reasons why I left.

@snow1995 just curious, what does flds stand for?

@freedom41 fundamentalist LDS

@snow1995 o ic


Dumb as bats


It sees a little disingenuous and not to mention self-serving. It’s like the old cliché statement by undercover raciest “why some of my best friends are black”


It's nice their all-knowing god can change his mind once in a while.


The LDS church is on LSD !


What is it they are celebrating exactly?

Are they proud of waiting 14 years after the '64 Civil Rights bill to be as willing to listen to black voices as DC poloticians? (Remember that this had previously segregated the entire leadership structure of the LDS organization)

Or are they just proud of not trying to stop listening to them since taking that step?

This is like they are giving themselves a participation trophy. Where's the aspiration? Where's the action? I would rather listen to them talk about supernatural undergarments than to hear their take on racism in America.

Haha🙂 the whole thing they got going on is Be One. I’ll find the link and see if I can attach it.



I was pretty proud of being potty trained and I point it out to people all the time.


But they had a ban.

Are black, Asian etc.. people supposed to be grateful?

Oh yes because before the ban was lifted black men could not become priests, which meant they could not attend the temple and get the ordinances and so could not get in to super special Mormon heaven the Celestial Kingdom and neither could their wives, unless of course they sealed themselves to a white priesthood holder as an eternal slave in the afterlife.


I just do not give any thought to LDS or any other religious cult. I concentrate my efforts on what is being done in this country that affects so many people in so many different ways by religion and how it is intruding on freedoms that the USA is "supposed" to represent, for all citizens and indeed all humanity.

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