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Are any members affected by this E. Coli outbreak?

Petter 9 June 1

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No...feeling unwell with sore throat etc but not that one...

That's caused by all that Irish rain.The cure is to light a peat fire and inhale the smoke - guaranteed to kill anything nasty - including humans!

@Petter I did that once in a thatch cottage in Donegal..the smoke from the peat fire gave me a terrible chest infection..thought I was going to suffocate!..beautiful though...

@Hitchens I too love the smell of burning coal or peat. Shame about the side-effects!


Knock on wood. Nope.


E.coli is my number 1 prediction for a pandemic actually. There are a number of chromosomes that can mutate making it immune to known anti-biotics. This particular strain has been known for quite some time.
Turmeric can weaken it someone what. We need to remember that anti-biotics are not the only solution, eg silver can kill them. Just like werewolves.


Not yet.


Thankfully no.


Not me. Man I hate hearing about these outbreaks. Makes me wish I had a portable irradiator to zap everything I eat. Someone needs to invent those.



I read somewhere that sprinkling cinnamon on food and eating raw garlic protects against E Coli.

Well it protects against vampires, so why not?


Now, that's some bad karma.

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