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Why Germans don't play Scrabble

germangirl90439 8 June 3

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Here is even a longer one. 🙂



That says it all. No misunderstanding here: if you want to refinish you floor, this is where you can borrow the machine hier. See how many words it took in Englsh to get the same meaning across.


Love playing Scrabble-used to play very seriously. Killer scrabble


The interesting thing about German is that's it's very descriptive. Sometimes when I didn't know the exact word I would put a description together and a lot of times that was the word. "Foot ground sanding machine lend"

@germangirl90439 I was going for a literal translation as I saw it. I know the correct one is different.


ROFL!!! I am a Scrabble fanatic. This is priceless! Thanks for putting a smile on my face.


Haha. When taking a course in German my wife bought me a German scrabble set with the sharfes S and vowels with umlauts. But with the best dictionaries and books we never completed one game.That was long ago; but if we had had access to the internet we might have done better.


Lol. True story

It translates directly to floor sanding machine rentals. Never seen one but it sounds like a machine used to sand wooden floors before applying a new coat of varnish or whatever.

@Clauddvon That;s exactly what it means. Oce you have your wooden floor refinished , you know what kind of device it is. 🙂


"floor polisher rentals"

@germangirl90439 what did I get wrong? My German is Rusty

@germangirl90439 they are the same thing... Oh. You thought I meant floor buffer machines... No. Those are different. I was talking about surface grinders that use progressively finer grits to make a uniformly flat and smooth surface... Not the ones that make it shiny with wax and compounds...

@Kafir Kafir, das sind die Fußbodenpoliermachinen

@Spinliesel they are? Wait... So are these grinders or polishers (buffers)? I'm confused now...

@Kafir sanding or grinding polishing. German is a very precise language.

@Spinliesel ah, I see. Ty for the correction. It was a colloquial problem.we call grinders polishers and polishers we call buffers. So I got the right machine but the wrong word for it.


Try saying that with a Frankfurter in your mouth.

Sounds kinky ..wasnt ment to be..


Wow. What does it mean?

"Floor polisher rentals"


Okay, neither the greeks.


That's German for "Joe's"


Weltanschaung zeitgeist danke schein neine spraken zie Deutch frauline

Please, people it is Dankeschön, ich spreche kein deutsch, Fräulein. Da fehlte nur Ein Bier, bitte, and you would have the complete Berlitz guide for visiting GIs.

@Spinliesel my phone does not have all that punctuation

@GreenAtheist The common way to substitute for ö,ä,ü,ß ( this last one is called s-zett) is as follows😮e;ae;ue; ss.
Not difficult and perfectly correct.

@Spinliesel I need schooling. ..I am @ kindergarten level in German. better way to learn this language and culture than to marry a native speaker. ....

LOL, you're getting there. Eventually. 🙂


Very funny! ?


That is a mouth full ?

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