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Do you think politics in the west will be the downfall of the White race, culture, traditions and even Christianity?

Mersh 2 Dec 22

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I believe politics and Christianity are going to go down together. Politics within the Vatican are going to bring out the truth about Christianity and it is going to rock the planet. Same in the middle east.


I think you have put entirely too much importance on shut that doesn't matter at all.


‘White’ people live all over the world, so I’d like to know why western politics would destroy these many cultures and traditions. And Christianity is not a ‘white’ only religion.


I think religion might be the downfall of Democracy if we don't stop it. Organized Christianity is the American Taliban.


There's no such thing as "the white race". Thankfully most people who do not believe in deities recognise racism as being based in Victorian era pseudoscience.

As for politics in the West being the downfall of Christianity, I think it unlikely sadly as the number 1 imaginary friend of the majority of politicians in countries like the US, Australia, and the countries that make up the UK, is the Christian one.


no, i think humans, in general, have set their own demise and politics is just another part of a much bigger thing as is a religion but there are many spanners in the works working towards our downfall.


What is not political about culture, traditions, christian and racial identity? These things typically remain after downfalls, It is politics that collapses.


All races are doomed to end. Eventually we will all be one race, one people, and this time of division will be forgotten nightmare. And then we will leave this planet, and search for new homes and new life forms.

that's a nice dream or some good weed your smoking lol

Nothing wrong with good marijuana.


From the millions of refugees we've sent all over the world and...let's say...are having trouble with the "locals"? Military and corporate interests causing us too...oops...attack countries not even remotely related to 9/11 and nope, no WMDs?

Though all their objectives were met years ago there is no exit strategy. Of course, with the instability in the regions they've created a "need" to be there.

Yes, our policies supported by religious zealots, many who see the war as realized prophecies and even thier "end time", could be the end of us.


Well it certainly isn't helping...


We are a multi racial country in the United States contrary to white supremists and neo-Nazis believe.


Fingers crossed. Please explain downfall of the white race?


White race is a concept but not a reality. What do you mean, exactly, by downfall? I am picturing from your phrasing, some kind of pitched contest among different demographic groups, and European-Americans losing some sort of advantage they previously benefited from. That doesn't seem all that bad to me. What about all Americans learning about collaboration and good will rather than always pitched competitions between groups delineated by the most superficial attributes?


Th only race is human. I refuse to pretend otherwise unless you have a series of peer reviewed studies that have achieved near universal consensus among geneticists.

Tarot cards, astrology, and race all belong in the same category.


I think human nature will do what it's always done throughout history. We are our own worst enemy.


There is no " white race ". Please go back to school and take some more biology classes. Thank you.


What white race are you talking about?

The white walkers



If you could go back in time and talk to a Neandertal sitting on a rock, the first words he would say are, " The whole world is going to Hell and young people don't appreciate anything anymore ".

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