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Don't Remember Where I Found This
Wild Proposal for Israel-Palestine Conflict

sassygirl3869 9 June 4

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What have you been smoking? There is still a ton of anti-semitism in this country. People prefer the Jewish community over the Moslem so the Jews have become 'convenient'. If the Christians took over we all know what the Judeo-Christian sentiment would turn into. Many Christians have been gathering money to send Jews back to Israel. They want to start a war between Jews and Palestinians because they think it will fulfill another of their stupid prophesies.


Whereabout in the USA is that? I can bet those US citizens displaced by the new state will fight it to the bitter end, with endless UN resolutions and violence on both sides - but at least the rest of the world will be calmer.

There's plenty of empty desert out West.

@Paul628 Yep. I've been to death valley and driven the area around Las Vegas.

@Petter How about the land that was used to test atom bombs? ☮

@Paul628 This one?

@Petter Perfect! The new national anthem.

@Paul628 I loved Tom Lehrer's songs. Strange to think he was actually a professor of mathematics at Harvard university.


Nothing satirical about it. Problem is, nobody in power really wants a solution. There's always a solution. Always. Just has to be some willingness

twill Level 7 June 4, 2018

So unfortunately true.

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