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Raised Atheist or left a religion?

Just windering how many people around on here were raised non-religious, as opposed to those who were raised in religion?

By michael183
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Raised atheist. My father told me that god was like the tooth fairy for grown ups.

klang72 Level 5 Sep 13, 2018

That is responsible parenting.

When my daughter was 8 I told her that Jesus was Santa Claus for grownups. She laughed.

I so wish that growing up here in the south it was like that.. I realized that after Santa didn't exist that the other invisible man in the sky was real either.. I was about 12


raised without religion by 2 white witches

weeman Level 7 Sep 13, 2018

Wicca is a religion.

@ldheinz yes i know but they were the ones practicing it it doesnt accept children plus its bullshit made up in the 50s and i was 12 when they decided to join their friends coven


Raised Catholic (Catholic school too) which was the beginning of my journey towards Atheism.


Got depressed and Left religion. It comes with superstitions which were absurd.


Raised a cultural Jew by a mum who was booted out of her Orthodox family for marrying her goy boy. No love lost on her part, hence secular little me! My sons are the same - raised with a lean towards Jewish cultural identity, but none of the other rubbish.

Goy boy ... that's awesome! My mother (a shiksa) was married to an atheist Jew from Brooklyn. They got along great—had a good run of 20 years before he passed away from cancer—and I learned a lot about Jewish culture from my step-father. In addition, my wife and I have some good friends who have a 'mixed marriage' (she's Lutheran and he's Jewish). They hilariously refer to their adult kids, who were ‘multiculturally' raised, as LuJews—pronounced, 'Loo-Jews.' Too funny!


i was neither raised an atheist nor left a religion. i was raised as a secular jew and realized at age 15 there were no gods. i didn't even think about not being a jew anymore; i'm still a jew. it's not actually a dealbreaker lol.


genessa Level 8 Sep 13, 2018

I was raised "deep" southern Baptist. Hellfire and brimstone where there pastor does nothing but scream and spit at the audience for an hour. You can't make out what comes out of their mouths for the most part, but the louder they are the more enthralled the audience seemed to get. It just never clicked with me. The rest of my family is still baptist, but have at least moved away from that and gone to a much calmer, not so "deep woods", church. I tried hard to believe when I was young, it just never happened. I always thought there was something wrong with me because everyone else seemed to believe so fully.

shikripie Level 3 Nov 16, 2018

Pretty much the same. Did you notice that people also got a lot more hype when there was a good drummer and organ player? The holy ghost was really holy ghosting on those days, it seemed.

Strange. Or is it?


I left religion nearly 7 months ago. I was raised baptist by parents and considered becoming catholic until I decided become enlightened. And joined this community friendly and honest free thinkers. I mentioned this in several other posts that I wish I left the dark years ago or raised as a non believer. Religion is why I a number of issues.

freedom41 Level 7 Sep 14, 2018



Raised Christian, but it never took. I kept waiting for proof that never came.

ldheinz Level 7 Sep 14, 2018

I'm a recovering Catholic...did the private school thing through 10th grade.


Parents non practicing xians. I was the regular church goer in childhood. When I was eight My doubt grew as questions went unanswered.. by time I was 13, I was a non believer. Didn’t even know what an agnostic was. Became an atheist in my early 20’s. Raising my children that way.



Born and christened in the church of England, but my dad said I needed to make up my own mind.

Despite my school's best efforts to convert me, I remained an atheist.


I was raised but it was rather following the crowd especially if you live in a small town. My family is not that religious, my brother is also an atheist and parents are skeptical.

Agnieszka Level 7 Sep 13, 2018

I've always been atheist, but I was raised in a Christian family.
(They didn't know until two years ago.)


I was raised in it. I was always a bad Christian, didn't really feel it.. But didn't lose faith completely until my mid 20s

Acseeley Level 5 Sep 13, 2018

I was raised in religion... BUT DID LEAVE IT.

WeaZ Level 7 Sep 13, 2018

I was raised a Christian with a fundamentalist tilt (anti-evolution, anti-homsexual, no ordination of women, etc.) but finally de-conveted in my 50's. The baggage was very weighty, but once it was thrown overboard, I was finally liberated. As a result of being brought up in such a faith, and memorizing large portions of the Bible, I now see the Bible for the sham that it is, and am likely biased in my views. Namely, that the Bible is a worthless piece of trash, and religion has, on the whole, been a net negative.


When I was a kid I “knew” god exists and was “inside” everyone. When I was about 6 years old I realized the adults lies all the time and decided to not believe them about anything. I would do what they told me but knowing that it was probably a lie. So some day, playing some educational game like a body organs puzzle I thought “there is no god in here. That’s just another lie, like Santa and the tooth fairy” and that’s it. I never “believed”, I went from “knowing” (as literally thinking that there was a small Jesus image inside your guts and when people die they would be sent in a plane to a city in the sky) to knowing that it was just bullshit adults told me.


Why do people equate atheism with “non-religious”??

Ungod Level 6 Jan 14, 2019

I was raised Presbyterian, so I left late in life.

Orbit Level 7 Dec 11, 2018

Raised religious in rural Texas. Started asking basic questions around the age of 12 that neither my mom nor the pastor could answer so I decided there were too many logical inconsistencies for it to be true. Still defended the ‘idea’ of religion until I was maybe 18 and then realized the outward harm it caused on others was more harmful than the personal good it provides individuals and now I’m openly against it.

RunGreen Level 2 Nov 16, 2018

This is an interesting question for me. Because really, the answer is neither.

While god and jesus were not worshiped in an active manor by my family while growing up (pre or post divorce), it was always in the background. Something that just was, along with the rest of the background noise of home life.

It took reading part way into a picture bible to really get me to start examining the belief (though not right away). And it took a year long crisis to drive the belief out, and something new in. It was less a learning process than it was an acceptance.

To put around 6 or so months into a nutshell:

"Maybe god isn't angry, or making me face evil. Maybe there just isn't anything there".

I grasped the concept even before I learned the word we associate with it.

Mb_Man Level 6 Sep 28, 2018

raised non religious.

jacpod Level 8 Sep 26, 2018

Raised in an insane Pentecostal cult. Stopped believing such nonsense before the age of puberty.

Galihad_Z Level 7 Sep 23, 2018
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