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Do you get angry, annoyed or just plain amused when people think you are the devil for your lack of any religions?

Lol I’ve had people literally snatch up their kids when they see me when I was just trying to get on with my life and day cause they think I’m some sort of dark devil out to devour them or their kids. And truth is I’m not even thinking about them like that to go out of my way to convert them to atheism. Atheism isn’t a religion. It is a lack of beliefs in any gods. People who can actually live in the real world without the nuisance and having to worry about angels and demons trying to steal your soul and out to get you. Petty, childish things. The worry god will send me to Hell, sin and repenting. Life’s to short to be worried about petty things like that.



I do my best to play up the evil perception. lol

resserts Level 8 Dec 5, 2017


me too lol

Me three I once did this match box thing (youtube it) where you can make smoke come out of your fingers after touching the chuch door and saying ouch while rubing my fingers together(smoke) ahh man they hated me so much that day.

HA! Gabriel! I LOVE it!
I wish I'd known that trick the last wedding I performed!
The bride wanted to use the little wedding chapel that held 12 people. (It was pretty)
I was a friend of the groom's who had insisted on me. She knew my stance on religion, but, had Christian family in attendance. ALL of them turned to look if the chapel had caught on fire after I walked out!
Knowing that trick would have been "SOOooo KEWEL!"


If I don’t admire a persons intellect then I do not care what they think about mine

richiegtt Level 7 Dec 5, 2017

It doesn't really make me angry, just sad for them that they claim to follow a faith, and yet don't follow its teachings...Maybe they didn't get to the parts that say things like "Love thy neighbor" and "Judge not, lest you be judged"...

twitch Level 6 Dec 5, 2017

I once heard that a rumor was going around that I worshiped the Devil. I was torn between laughter and anger. I couldn't decide which was the right response. I finally decided that my mixture of both was right for me at that time.

People can be ignorant.

@EmeraldJewel --- Down right silly, if you can find the humor. smile001.gif


Yes to all three at different times but the only reason thier religion exist is because the church possessed them only possessive people buy into that I feel more bad for the people who are honest about their beliefs and get harassed about it not only at school/work but at home as well. My thoughts go out to them.

Gabriel_B Level 5 Dec 5, 2017

They ( Religious) are often so driven by their religion that they consider anyone who does not believe as they do are sinners going to hell. They never look at the person and the good works they may do. In addition they see atheists as negative people because we try to use the Constitution to keep religion out of the places it should not be like schools ,politics, public places,work etc.We as atheists need to organize into groups that show and do good works and deeds that cannot be viewed in the negative. It would also be nice to form a community to be socialize in.

Marine Level 8 Dec 5, 2017

I agree. Becoming involved in, or even sponsoring humanitarian aid efforts, is something that atheists are not making public. To give others an understanding, more visibility would seem that it could become beneficial.

It would be great If we could create a 'Church of Atheism', but I wonder how long it would take before some power-hungry narcissist caused it to deteriorate into the same sort of farce that the existing churches have become...?? smile003.gif


Amused. I'm always amused.

Ol_Finn Level 1 Dec 5, 2017

"You think that I am the devil? Please excuse me while I wet myself laughing!"

irascible Level 8 Dec 5, 2017

I read somewhere, that around 80% of people in prison who have been convicted of high level violent crimes, claim to be affiliated with a mainstream religion, like Christianity, Catholicism, etc..
Something like less than 2% claimed they were atheist, and the remaining were not affiliated with any particular religious ideologies, and we're undecided on whether or not god (s) existed.
I wish I could remember where I saw that.
Anyways, it sounds about right to me.

Yep it does. Japan is actually an atheist country and their crime rate is low compared to America’s.


Hell, nobody knows. I keep it to myself. I haven't had to deal with yet.

People started getting suspicious because I live in a small town that is a Bible Belt and people started catching on that I was never going to church, didn’t belong to a church community and my refusal to go to anybody’s church when people would knock on my door or when I was invited, despite my attempts in the past, due to church doesn’t do anything for me. Gossip gets started fast where I live, but I’m working to GET OUT!


Hide ya kids, hide ya wives and hide ya husbands cause there’s people who lack religious affiliation up in here!

Jarucker Level 5 Dec 5, 2017

No I laugh at their ignorance and keep it moving


It honestly amuses me. If I don't get it because of my faithlessness, I get it because I'm trans and the small-minded people of this city just can't handle that. Am I angry at first, yes. But after a minute I realize the fault is with them and just laugh at how petty people are.


I’ve had people pray for me to find THEIR god. I know some of them think the devil is keeping me away. One girlfriend told me the reason the devil is keeping me away is that he knows once I would find god, I’d be a great spokesperson for god. I just chalk it up to crazy thinking and try to move on.

JohnGlass Level 6 Dec 5, 2017

Lol I’ve had them tell me the same thing. I’ve even had some that told me,” The devil got a hold of me.”

Pray for me to find THEIR god is irritating to me. It's like someone else imposing their own will over mine like some sort of jailer.
It's not as if I believe that it could happen, but it reveals to me a lot about their ethics. I tend to avoid those kind of people.


I don't often lose my cool over nothing- and the evangelicals, specifically, are "nothing"- otherwise I just treat them as a little bit more foolishness- in a very foolish world. They give me a two-second laugh.

Diogenes Level 6 Dec 5, 2017

Lol good point.


It depends on the amount of drama that comes along with their expression of that belief, and how much the person matters to me personally.
If it's a person that I'm not familiar with, and they say something to that effect, I just roll my eyes and move on. If they are nasty about it I get annoyed and might try to have some fun by trying to scare them with it for my own amusements.
If the person is someone that I care about, or have the potential to be spending time around, I might try to clarify and set their minds at ease.
If they persist in their thoughts after attempting to correct them it tends to anger me if they persist in their thoughts, especially if they try to convince others that they are correct.

Donna Level 6 Dec 6, 2017

No - I AM the devil ...

evergreen Level 7 Dec 6, 2017

My friends don't care (or don't tell me) and the rest don't matter.


Well.....shouldn't they be able to recognize the Devil? After all...they created him!

twill Level 6 Dec 14, 2017

I like to promote the idea that I am literally Satan at any opportunity.


It does several things to me, but anger is not one of them. The two main emotional responses to it is first amusement, followed by sadness. It really makes me feel badly for them that they can buy in so thoroughly to such nonsense. It brings with it a concern for the future for me. If we can't learn our way out of this, what does the future hold?

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