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What started the big bang?

I just want to see what types of answers agnostics and atheist commonly have for this question. I know that it is not obligatory to have an answer for this question to not believe in a creator, but I would like to see what alternative explanations could be possible.

Ammar1992 4 Dec 24

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It’s possible as science says there were an infinate number of big crunches and then big bangs


Mrs. O'Leary's cow?


The Big Bang was started by television executives hoping to capitalize on the burgeoning geek demographic.

Great show, by the way.



the big fuse, of course, oh and the huge match


A thought.


At a point earlier than 10^-36 seconds, we don't understand the nature of the universe. It's amazing that our brand of physics can even take us that far, because our ability to comprehend begins to break down exponentially when we get close to that time. Now, at 10^-36 seconds, we're talking about our Universe reduced to about the size of a medium grapefruit. Temperatures in the trillions of degrees Kelvin. At that point, we can't even say if 'before' that time makes any sense at all. It is then that the quantum nature of reality pops out and all our organized space-time thinking falls apart. Intervals in time or positions in space don't apply anymore. We just don't know what's happening.

There are ideas, sure -- some models that try to explain what started it all, but at this stage, they're nothing more than speculation. If one of them can give us observational clues -- maybe a telltale imprint on the CMB, then we can do some real science!

In the meantime, we might just as well be reading the bible. So, the specific answer to your question is -- we ... don't ... know.


It just happened.

Makes as much sense as 'some being made it happen' and then having to fathom what made that being happen in the first place.

The human mind just isn't equipped to handle the concept of infinity. Time or space. The universe must exist inside something else, which in turn must exist inside something else, and so on. It must have had a beginning (in time) and yet if there was a moment when the universe sprang into existence, there must also have been a moment before that.

So we fall back to religion to explain things that we currently don't fully understand. Just as people historically looked to religion to explain why the sun rises and sets. Perhaps God is simply everything that's beyond the realm of human understanding.


It's all a "chicken or the egg" argument to me. I only know the true "answer" has never been discovered by our greatest minds ever, so I don't concern myself with it.

I'm just a guy who sees all matter as "immaterial". heh


If one decides to credit a god for the big bang one must then ask/explain where this complex being, capable of creating the universe, came from. If one accepts that energy itself is eternal with no consciousness, no will, no volition, and everything is just a natural consequence of this energy, that is expressed in different forms, then one does not have the problem/burden of trying to explain the how and why questions. We may never know how (yet again, perhaps it will be understood some day); and, there is no reason to ask why as there is no reason other than the natural consequences of energy in action.

Not exactly
Asking questions about where did God came from does not make sense because the very defintion is that God is eternal
If, and I don't mean that this is correct, we assume that the universe started existing at the big bang, then this means it is not eternal, then something should have caused it to exist.
For me, until now, this can only be solved by one of two possibilities,

First, the universe is eternal at some level, like if the multiverse is eternal and universes come to existance within is multiverse, or the the big bang was merely a stage in eternal cycle of big bangs and big collapses.

The other possibility is that the being that caused the universe is eternal, which could be God or other form of higher power

I was hoping by this question to get idea about any other possibility.

Ammar1992; One cannot simply make the claim that a being as complex as a god is simply eternal and offer no reason/evidence for another to believe it. Just because someone decided to define a god in that way, it does not make it so. Once someone defines a god (giving it self-awareness, will, volition, human attributes etc.) they must then be able to offer evidence of its existence and offer an explanation of how it came to be. Saying "it has always existed" in order to get around where it came from is a cop out. It is far simpler to accept that energy itself is eternal and everything is a consequence of that mindless, unaware, energy in action.

The reason could be that there is no another possible explanation for the start of the universe (again that's not my point of view, but I am looking to see if anybody has other explanation)
God here refers to the concept that believeres believe in, so when they say God exists, it's illogical to ask them how did God came to exist, because they do not define him as something that started to exists, rather as eternal thing that has always existed.

You can say that the other option is that energy-matter is eternal, but this is not by any mean different than the claim the God created it, both are unscientific and unfalsifiable and cannot even be tested.

Ammar1992: I agree that whether a being, that we would call a god, exists or not is simply unknowable;which is why I am an agnostic atheist ( I cannot know one does not exist but I absolutely do not believe one does). If one makes an affirmative claim--either way--then evidence must be provided. Science does not care one way or another--it only asks for evidence. And, as of yet, there is no evidence of such a being and the universe behaves as if one does not exist. If one makes the claim that a god does, and must, exist in order to explain the universe, then they must show me the evidence. Especially if one assigns certain attributes to this being; otherwise it is just empty words that anyone can spew.


That's one question we may very well never have a difinitive answer to.


The whole Universe was in a hot dense state.

...then nearly fourteen million years ago...

The video is among the coolest "history lessons" ever!

like me watching pornhub lol

generally good, but the universe is actually never going to stop expanding and collapse inward. It is accelerating outward. So we will die a death of no light and no heat....

Hot, dense state. Don't tell me. I think I know this one.



To imagine that our dirt and rocks actually came from the beginning of time. So over my head. To imagine that something out there caused this. Hmmm.... what's past the universe? How far does that go? Man... I'm not going to try to answer.


A match?

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