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I am an agnostic, but I'm also psychic at times. Does anyone else feel the same way?

vnufall 7 Dec 24

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Oddly enough, at times I do get a sense something specific will happen in the near future, but I'm not positive that means something mystical is involved in the equation though.


Tthere's a fine line between psychic and psychotic. Then there's those on the borderline. Borderline sounds like the place to be. Able to see reality, and beyond. Standing on the fence, looking at both sides. I have to admit, that's where I've stood most of my life. I like it though and I'm happy there. I'm able to see things that few do. I'd hate to be a conforming non-thinking robot like most of the world seems to be.


Yes I embrace my intuitive nature. a Cherokee Atheist, some of us do not separate science from the palpable spirit of mountain sky water stars


I have had a bunch of psychic experiences, unasked for, my whole life.
My thoughts: if "they" can't send me the winning Powerball numbers, leave me the freak alone!
Do i need to know that my daughter is being beaten up her husband? That my former boss is arriving in 15 minutes to ask me to come back? That the salesman my parents were listening to was a con artist? They wouldn't have listened to me anyway......

I don't know why things come to me in dreams and the voices I hear...but honestly I wouldn't want to hear and know stuff all the time either. It would be a burden, and really I don't think anyone would listen to me either...


There is much we don't know, I have been told many times I have a 6th sense, knowing who is on the phone and such but it is simply common sense and hunches. Some people take far more notice of what is going on than others, even without realizing it. My interest is in what people call past lives, I believe some memory is stored in our DNA, epigenetics.

That's interesting...


There is a great book that all women should read called "The Gift of Fear" by Gavin De Becker.
Truly an important book feel it could save many lives and should be required reading for girls to women as it touches on the power of intuition and how we come about that sense.
So many women are groomed from the time of youth not to be rude that we "rationalize" away our gut feelings too often at our peril.

Ah got off on a tangent, there have been times I felt I was "precognizant" as if I could sense something about to happen and it did but I could also easily explain that statistically those same things were likely to occur anyway.
When I was a kid I used to get "deja vu" and felt I'd dreamed mundane things in advance . Read somewhere that could have been seizure activity. Who knows. I used to run like a maniac through a grocery store as a toddler & crack my head good, once to the point of blacking out so maybe there was some damage there.

I was working years ago as a security guard inside a large popular club that was packed. This one small guy was acting like a fool (drunk). I was walking almost behind a girl that was walking with a cane. The boy was walking and staggering toward us. He looked down at her cane just before he got to her and I seen him purposely knock that cane out from under her and me kicking him right in the face at the same time. I looked into his eyes and he straightened up right before he did it. I think he seen the same vision in my eyes when I looked him in the eyes. Nothing happened but me and the boy both knew what would have happened if he knocked that cane from under her.


I’m Atheist, but admit having had fairly recent ..feelings or thoughts that felt as though they’d come from elsewhere. I allowed them, eventually describing them to several people who claim to ‘be aware’ of such things. Knowing me, they responded in a matter-of-fact way of basically writing them off. Now, for the most part, so have I…

But having ‘experienced’ something I couldn’t readily explain has likely given me insight to those having felt ‘inspired by some higher power.’ It’s just that I, with a little help from my friends, rightfully attributed it to a natural human response to the stressors of life ~ No new religion this time 🙂

Varn Level 8 Dec 24, 2017

There is more to this life than we see but calling it god is another thing. People have been so indoctrinated into the thought of a god that they give credit for anything they can't explain to gods or a god. I can see a group of ancient superstitious man witnessing a severe thunder storm and coming up with a good story about a god causing it. They believed that kind of BS for thousands of years until it developed into the religions we have today. I believe we are all just a part of the same being I call life itself. We are each a different chance for that being to survive and thrive. We are all a little different to be able to handle any situation that may arise. You can sometimes, for an instant, connect to others in ways we can't explain. We don't know what or how this happens but the religions are quick to take credit for anything we can't logically explain. They will even have made up stories that we have all heard explaining how their god is responsible for all these things. Many of us now realize that lightning and thunder are a product of friction and static electricity. Could you imagine what they would think of you if you went back 2000 years in time with a stun gun? You would be their new god.


We are electrochemical beings borrowing energy from the universe to be born. We feed on life to continue to live. Psychic phenomena is just an expression of the electric universe. Our energy returns when we pass.


I'm out of practice of being psychic. When I was on the phone with this girl, I would describe things around her. It freaked her out a little. I don't do that as much anymore.
I'll have to find this book about normal people being psychic and not knowing it. To these people, everyone has these abilities.


i have a deck of tarot cards and I swear they work. I use to do readings for the girls at work. They would ask a question while holding the deck, I never knew the question, and it would answer it correctly. I would flip the cards over and interpret them using a guide book. Maybe the girls werent being honest but they all said it answered the questions that they asked. I still don't know.


I don't know if I am psychic or read minds or any such thing. However, I have gotten pretty good at reading body language and facial expressions also. I do have some intuition as well in certain situations.


I have ESPN myself. And I can do Remote Control Viewing.


Would not go as far as to say I have esp. I do collect a lot of details from a given situation and can pull out the ones that are not obvious and elaborate on a senior to develop a seeming mysterious encounter. Some of my friend would claim it is something else unexplained. I am too logical to claim for any other explanation.


Being atheist (or agnostic) and being psychic are mutually exclusive ways of being. You can't be both at the same time.

Whether or not one thinks anything psychic is real, it isn't in any way tied to religion, and thus not necessarily in conflict with atheism or agnosticism.


Psychic is like the word spiritual. Often used, rarely defined, never proven.


I like to think since we not held by a religion we more open and more perceptive of other people feelings.


I have at times known things that I didn't know how I knew them. Then I took a class in non-verbal communication. I now realize that I pick up on things that don't register in my conscious mind. Non- verbal communication is a fascinating subject.

People have been surprised at what I know just by watching body language, listening to intonation, and reading syntax, sentence length, and punctuation (or lack thereof). They say I have second sight. I tell them I pay attention. People are weird.


My daughter thinks she is psychic. Besides cp she is developmentally delayed. Some autistic kids have special talents. She is New Age and wicca.


I'm pretty good at calling a flipped coin... about half of the time.

Admin Level 8 Dec 24, 2017

I don't see the future...but I have heard voices, seen orbs and have had experiences in the hospital caring for patients. I had lights go on and off and my tv cord pulled(noone could reach that) lots of things.


@AMGT Power Up!!!

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