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What’s something you know you do differently than most people?

whyworry 3 Dec 24

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Use the phrase "different from" correctly!


Just about everything. That's why I feel like an outcast, a misfit, just out of sink.


The way I rebel against the status quo, I pay my correct taxes, I vote, I obey the road rules, I have my finger prints and DNA on record so if ever anything comes up, I can be discounted as a suspect immediately. Then, I take them on, I have won against some of our most powerful government departments and agencies, bank, utility companies. Small wins by most accounts but important to me. I have big black marks on my files, I don't know any one who gets audited by the tax office as often as I do. I hide in plain sight and tricked the Google engine into automatically hiding all references to my past projects.


Follow rules...not easy to do all the time but my butt was covered everytime something went down and it still is. Im a chance taker within the boundaries of the rules. I need boundaries.

And I really do treat people the way I want to be treated. I like my energies to balance. Some people see it as a way to take advantage of me and/or the situation but I am also very direct/blunt to a T which tends to surprise most people. Being a pushover was tiring.


I read books on serial killers and murder etc on the toilet


Learn. I guess most people are able to learn the way schools teach, but it didn't work for me.

skado Level 8 Dec 24, 2017



Tie shoes-I make 2 bunny ears then tie two bunny ears together. I don't loop it through according to my mother.

me either

My son does the same way and taught him the one loop. I still smile when I watch him.


Eat corn on the cob one row at a time ,actually pull the kernels out of their sockets with my teeth




I am thrifty where I can be, in ways that work. My daughter and I lived together to raise her children, one of whom is autistic. Long story short, protective services was called and told the children smelled and were dirty because we washed their clothes with chips of soap. The worker and I had a good laugh when she saw how I made detergent that didn't cause allergies and cost less than $.60/gallon. She revealed her family had also made their own household cleaners as she grew up.

It should read $.06/gallon.


I am not a TV watcher. I cut the cable off during the Iowa primary when I looked up and saw Ted Cruz's face in my living room. I have no idea what is current or popular on TV right now. Same as movies. I don't read the local newspaper as it is a conservative rag. I also read lots of books. I dated a guy once who told me he hadn't read a book since high school. That relationship did not last long. And then there is the whole not christian thing. I am also a quasi vegetarian, usually don't eat meat, I grow some of my own vegetables, I recycle food scraps with a compost bin and a worm box in my pantry. I don't use chemical concoctions to clean my self or my house, I make my own soaps and cleaners, and lip balms. And now I realize why I will be single for the rest of my life.

Well thank you for those positive thoughts! Truly, thank you.


I do a lot of things differently than a lot (not everyone, though) and sometimes I am considered weird at best and confrontational at worst.

For Instance, we pride our island for being clean. Twice a year there is a big gathering and groups are formed to walk along the roadways picking up trash. Whenever I go for a walk I bring a bag and pick up trash. To me this type of thing should be ongoing not just once in a while. I suggested and some people thought it a good idea, but no one does it. BTW people do a LOT of walking here and hitchhiking is encouraged.

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