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LINK A Forgotten Religion Gets a Second Chance in Brooklyn

Sorry, it shoulda stayed forgotten.

HippieChick58 9 June 9

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People who start new religions, are such idiots. Devoid of logical thinking.

If there was a God, creator of everything, and that God wished to communicate with humanity, then his religion would exist throughout all of man's history. It wouldn't appear out of thin air, after man has such an established civilization. At the least, Christians can point to the Old Testament as going back to a time when written languages were scarce. But, to say that a God, in this day and age, suddenly decided that communication with his creation, was just now warranted? That's a ridiculous notion.


Interesting concept - revitalize your church/temple with a new ideology to gain believers.


I believe that they are looking for a sense of community. To belong. The universe is overwhelming and they don’t have the critical thinking skills to realize religion makes no sense. It is an emotional need to be filled.
They grasp on to anything that makes the slightest sense to them.

jab60 Level 6 June 10, 2018

What I don't understand is why people feel the need to create rituals and turn their ideas into religions instead of movements or communes. Kuddos for eating healthy foods and saving orphans but why not just create a group of people that are already doing those things and have open discussions about how to move forward instead of a "leader" dictating the "rules" to the entire congregation. Great ideas go bad when people demand compliance to rituals and turn their passion into a religion. Uggg just make choices and allow others that DO agree to jump on board.
Religion is so contradictory. "God" created us to be unique individuals with free will but we damn well better choose the right church or go to hell? Uggg just ugg!


Ever hear of the "Paleo (sp.)-American Church? I believe they based their theology on Peyote and Marijuana rituals.


Oh dear. The right wing New York Times pushing .


This truly inspires me - to found an outrageous and make lots of tax exempt . Anyone got an antique hand printing press and some yellowed paper? I'll also need ideas on crazy theistic notions.

Petter Level 8 June 10, 2018

Zounds! To avoid thinking for themselves, people will even make up "gods" to worship, LOL!


This shows that many people want to be led, to be guided. They are WILLING to believe some seriously strange stuff to get that feeling that all is well and they are following the right path. Those of us who don't believe are strong enough to stand on our own. Many people don't have the courage to live life without an artificial support system.


I just can't understand the gullibility of some people, nor their seeming desire to be led around by their noses.
Leads me to a thought for a post...


Just as stupid as any other religion. Quacks.

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