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Hello guys, well, my friend Shana told me that I should not be so open minded, in telling people that I don't believe in a god or gods. She told me that I should keep my views to myself, because I might make people uncomfortable.
Has anyone come across this crap ?

So it's like we now make people uncomfortable,
because we have the ability to think for ourselves.

Wildgreens 7 Dec 24

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I see that as a good thing. The reason they are uncomfortable is because of their uncertainty. I wouldn't make it a point to get into people's faces without some reason, but if it bothers them, it's their problem.


A heathen exercising their basic rights!! Surely that's blasphemy!?
I'm quite vocal, I'd never walk into a church or mosque etc with a megaphone yelling "you're all wrong! " as tempting as it that would be, but we do have freedoms that should not be stifled. Nobody has the right to not be made uncomfortable or offended.

Dav87 Level 6 Dec 25, 2017

I've had someone tell me to not 'like' athiest groups on Facebook because it might offend people. I don't care if it does. We all have the right to believe what we want. And besides, aren't religious people supposed to accept everyone??

Yet they never seem to consider how offensive their religiosity offends.


Being opened minded is the best way to be


This reminds of my younger brother asking me to not allow just ANYONE to hang out with me in high school as it was causing trouble for him with HIS friends...

Your friend is grossly overstepping her boundaries and tipping her hand regarding HER discomfort with you (or your beliefs). The request is shameful in a whole lot of ways.

Zster Level 8 Dec 25, 2017

But is alright for them to try and convert us with their belief. Ugh!!! Freaking people!!!


Oh yes, I live in southeast Texas. I have to whisper to someone what I believe and hope I don't get shot with a paint gun or worse lol. It does make people uncomfortable initially but after you get past that you can possibly make good friends. I don't volunteer that information but if asked directly I wouldn't avert the truth.


I would say, "Thank you for the added power you're ceding over to give me, but I don't control your feelings. That's on you."


I love the saying I saw on a tee shirt: JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE OFFENDED DOESN'T MEAN YOU'RE RIGHT!

VERY true. Being offended is a CHOICE.


Welcome... and we all got a Shana in our lives. We just turn her off just like sometimes they turn us off.


Of course, because you're a devil worshipper. 😛


Life is boring if you are always comfortable Don't be silenced if people don't want to hear what you have to say well who needs them


Shana's just worried that if you tell her religious friends, they will disapprove of her because she's friends with you.


The organized religions of the world want people to be closed minded, easier to control them.


I would say that Shana really needs to understand how you feel. Tell her that people telling you their views makes you uncomfortable as you are being singled out. They are the majority. Is that fair? Or something to that effect.

gearl Level 7 Dec 25, 2017

The thing is you can never change another person's view of reality. Have no fear however, life will probably do that for them. If it doesn't, that's ok because it means whatever they believe works for them. For most of us though life can be tough as well as short. Don't waste it being unhappy.


Humans don't like to be put to the question. They liken to be in agreeable groups. That's the definition of ignorance.

One should always push the boundaries to learn more. Question everything. Evolve.


I was warned not to wear my OM pendant in a new neighborhood I had moved to or I would be ostracized. Turns out, it was instructions 🙂

Geez, people are so ignorant.


If you have a 'friend' who tells you to "keep your Atheism/Agnosticism to yourself" then that is a 'friend' you would be far better off not having at all.


It's crap that people think what they think about atheism but it's good advice since the world at large at least in the US is largely Christian who are at odds with atheism often times in an uncivil manner.

SamL Level 7 Dec 31, 2017

I don't care if I make people uncomfortable with my lack of belief in their delusions.
They don't seem too terribly concerned about making me uncomfortable.
Normally, I live by the whole "Do unto others..." thing. However, if you're going to get in my face and tell me your "truth", you get to hear mine in rebuttal.
Shana would have gotten an earful from me on the subject. I don't think your friend respects you very much.



I heard that often enough in the military. It was crap then, and it’s crap now. Let yourself be who you are.


I wish all that hate would go away, we aren't hateful, we just know for a fact that there's no god. We're judged so much and for no reason.


I am beginning to think that many people don't believe as strongly as they think they should, and are scared of someone saying they don't believe in case it is contagious.


So she dosen't care about your feelings I think you should unfriend her

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