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If the US had a recall on the presidential election tomorrow, do you think the result would be much different?

TommyMeador 7 Dec 25

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I think it's good to get the perspective of those outside our boarders. The whole world is watching this fiasco, the whole world is affected by it. They are just as worried as we are, because there's a lunatic with his finger on the button, a button he very much wants to push!

I think it would really depend on whom he's running against. If you put Hillary back in the ring, I hate to say it, but he may just win again. But he has less than 40% approval rating, so put Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden there, no way he would win again.


I cannot say for certain who's going to win with your recount, but this is what I'm quite certain about....
The lesson that was learned in the Alabama special election between Republican Roy Moore VS Democrat Doug Jones was that for a Democrat to win, you need a disgusting candidate to run against. And the other lesson, maybe not learned by all, but essentially says "don't have baggage." They will ignore the lesson learned in Virginia as a outspoken Socialist won elections in gerrymanded Republican District with no help from state or federal party officials. As far as I am concerned, the lesson lost by the average Joe and Jane Democrat is that is that women still are second class citizen and if you happen to get pregnant, well fuck you, you're on your own. That and also if you're struggling to put food on your table, it's your fault. The DNC will not say this out loud, but through its silence all while screaming at the scapegoat called Russia.

The Republicans will learn a valuable lesson, to swallow their pride and make sure that a woman runs against a baggage free Corporate Democrat. John Ossoff was a "baggage free" corporate democrat running against a pro birth woman in Georgia special election. The Republican won.

I want you to be aware of why Republicans will continue to hold the majority after 2020 while Trump wins a second term.


I( and my groups from Indivisible) have worked hard to block whatever Trump and the Republicans have tried to put out there. Working on Gerrymandering issues, turning Republican Reps into Dem ones. Obviously we lost on the Tax scam, but I have rallied for Planned Parenthood, DACA,DREAMERS, ACA(Healthcare), NRA midterms this year there will be a change. Hopefully Mueller will be busy too....


I would hope Bernie wins.

It was my impression that, at the beginning, Bernie said he was not running but there to push Hilary more to the left. Things obviously changed.

By recall I am assuming it was meant to be between Hilary and tRump. Hearing all the Bernie accolades I am starting to wonder.


Probably not. He has lost the support of some of the Democrats who voted for him so they wouldn't have to vote for Clinton. I voted a third party candidate because I couldn't tolerate either one of them. If Clinton were to be put on the ballot again, I'm reasonably certain she would lose again and if only the two of them were on the ballot, I would likely abstain.


Trumpists will be Trumpists; he would still have a core following (re: the Despicables). But I'm thinking there were many not from New York who did not really understand what he was about (all the suckers of the minute), and it would be enough to change the outcome, considering how close it was to begin with.

godef Level 7 Dec 25, 2017

Unless we can find away to over turn the electoral college I don't see the point. Trump didn't win the popular vote he was appointed by the electoral college.


Watching from Canada, it was a real eye opener to see all the racists and KKK types now being emboldened by this awful person. A lot of us don't want to go to the USA until he's gone. I found out I had racist friends in the US. And I blocked them from my facebook page. He has put the country back a hundred years. I worry about my black friends living there, I worry about my gay friends living there. I worry about the immigrants, and really just everyone who isnt white, male and christian. Its a bad situation in my opinion. But as an outsider people tell me I have no right to say anything, so this is my own opinion. (Which apparently means nothing)

Some of us may decide to move to Canada some day. Need an IT person?

Lol, no but a licensed funeral director would be helpful@Unicorn1824

@Funeralgirl -- You have as much a right to voice your opinion as anyone. Perhaps even more because you are outside the stew pot and can see the ingredients a bit better as the churn and bubble away. The course our country is taking is disturbing to many of us and I am concerned for my children, their children, and their children's children. If things continue along this line, I think the future looks bleak for them -- and the rest of the world should be should keep a watchful eye on this situation.

Sorry @funeralgirl. Although I understand Vancouver is becoming a tech hotbed since we became anti-immigrant.

I'm guessing that in 2018, if militant oligarchs and theocrats continue to be elected to positions of power here in the US, Canada may be one of the countries which I give consideration to when finding a place to start over.

I would guess you guys could use some good garage door repair technicians up there. Those winters get pretty cold, and I'm betting springs and garage door openers break quite often.

@Funeralgirl When 'W' was (so called) president many from the U.S. said we were from Canada.

I live near the Canadian border and sometimes visit Vancouver. I have a Nexus card.

I wonder how many know of a funny geographical anomaly known as Point Roberts. They are caught between worlds. []

Yes, probably more than I should but I have friends there, and I don't want anything bad to happen to them, I wish they could move here. @ogtirof

The couple I know are dual citizens. I met them at an FFRF convention. We visited them a few years ago and they were very interesting. I saw them again last Sept. at this years convention. Their names are Juile and George Iddon.

Also, my late wife's brother and his family live in N. Van. The biggest problem in this city is financial. It is gorgeous but outrageous.

That's gotta be it! LOL @ogtirof

That's very interesting I wonder how you get there from Vancouver Island. Do you know? @JackPedigo

I am not on Vancouver Island but the San Juan's. Ferry to the mainland and then about a 2 hr. drive to Vancouver.


Oh, yes. More than enough people can see what a truly stupid decision they made.


There won't be a recall. But knowing what we know now, if the election was held again, more of those who stayed home and didn't vote, because they refused to vote for either, would vote against Trump. Not because they want Hillary.

What I'm uncertain of is the interference with the voting in the swing states, those that Trump HAD to win, and did. That didn't happen without Russia's help. The totals in those states were somehow tampered with. Trump lost the vote, bigly, and won the election. Right at 1% in the necessary states. That was not happenstance.


Not as different as sane people would hope. I will say that I expect his royal Orange majesty will be reelected.


Revote or recounting votes. A revote I would demand. Vote the SOB out.


No... that's just a recall. To many people know he's got an axe and he knows how to use it.


Well Hilary did win the popular does anyone thinks that electoral college vote would be different? I do not


The cruel truth is that the current administration has 3 more years to wreak more havoc and leverage division to create conditions ripe for re-election.


Absolutely! With the election of a dem to the Congressional seat of Alabama (of all places!!!), I feel the current administration has shown very effectively the idiocy of far right "democracy", so much so that many are leaving their ranks.

I wish we could have a recall and I'm certain it'd be different. I'm hopeful we won't have to ride out the next three years, tRump and team have already committed many impeachable offenses, but change is a'comin'!


On top of what others have said, I know some Trump voters who still talk like Trump supporters, but have quietly admitted they’d never vote for him again.


Yes... but how would that work?

It wouldn't. Not with Republicans holding Congress and too few of them having the balls to stand up to militant theocrats and oligarchs like Mike Pence and Paul Ryan.

The easiest path is to vote in a majority in the house and senate in 2018 and tie Trump's hands. Then vote this nightmare out completely in 2020.

Thinking about a recall election or an impeachment is a waste of time and energy which could be better utilized preparing for the upcoming elections.


I would hope so. There are a lot of people who didn't vote because they didn't honestly think that Trump could win the election. There are also those who, for what ever reason, didn't understand what a con artist and charlatan Trump is and are now realizing what rubes they were.

The 2018 mid-term elections should mark a big shift away from the Trump agenda, and if it doesn't then the country is beyond saving. Nothing will be left here but a few theocratic oligarchs and the ignoramous hillbilly's they run roughshod over.

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