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Have you boycotted certain businesses based on your (non) religious principles?

I was wondering if anyone else has certain businesses that they boycott based on your (non) religious principles? For me: I refuse to patronize Hobby Lobby and Chick Fil A based on their stances against birth control and LGBT rights. Just curious as to whether anyone else feels the need to put their money where their mouth is and why.

By goatgirl6
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I have never gone to Chic Fillet and never will. I use to go to Hobby Lobby but haven't since they adopted a bigoted stance.


I won't shop at Hobby Lobby, even though I really like that store! It helps that the only one is 45 minutes away. Near that store, there's a Chick-Fil-A. Never eaten there, and never will. I don't donate the the Boy Scouts anymore, either. I wish I could quit Home Depot, but they're the only gig in town.


I try not to frequent such establishments... but sometimes I just need one of those chicken wraps...


I too do not shop at Chick filA, Hobby Lobby and don't buynBarilla pasta. The owner of Barilla is anti-gay.

Janielib Level 1 Oct 8, 2017

Add Barilla to the list of 'no-goes'!


I don't frequent businesses with anti-LGBT or anti-labor policies.


yes. chic filet. cracker barrel, and most certainly christian book stores . any place that uses the christian cult as a means to inspire false trust.


the only store I boycott is walmart as they won't allow workers to unionize to the point of closing a store in quebec that dared to , permanently


I generally do not go to Chick-Fil-A, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, or Cracker Barrel. I also no longer shop at LL Bean's or drink Yuengling beer. If they are going to be stupid enough to promote the fact that they believe in discrimination, they don't need my money.

CS60 Level 7 Oct 9, 2017

Chick fil a and Wendy's. There are many others where I have no choice. I can't survive or don't have a lot of choices in certain areas.


Yes , definitely. If any business has issue with non-believers, or others they deem unworthy, I have issue with them ! Plus, the fact that I don't eat flesh easily enables me to avoid the food establishments. Ha !

evergreen Level 8 Oct 23, 2017

Yes...there's local café run by a nearby cult...12 Tribes. I absolutely refuse to contribute my money to their benefit, and I try to let as many people know as I can what they're really all about.


I have been boycotting Coors Beer since the 1970's when the ultra-right christian family that owns it came out against gay rights. At the time many of the gay bars from LA to San Francisco that I habituated served only Coors and Bud. This is way before the popularity of imported and boutique domestics. Many bars simply stopped stocking Coors. I went a couple of years without orange juice during the Anita Bryant controversies of the same period. I refuse to step foot in a Hobby Lobby though a new one recently opened in my town. Have never seen a Chick Fil A but wouldn't stop there either.

Has there been any change in their stance since the merger of Coors and Molson? They control a massive number of brands and brews. I don't drink Coors, since it's awful, but I would consider joining this boycott if they retain an anti-gay stance at the corporate level.

Not sure if these forums allow links, but here's a short article for other readers about the Coors boycott in the 70s.



I won't shop at Hobby Lobby or eat at Chic Fil A because of Religious Fervor, anti-LGBT and anti-birth control beliefs. I won't support church groups, mission trips, or any religious based fundraisers. I saw comments here regarding Home Depot, but I worked for them for 4 years and never had to deal with religion at work. In fact, in our district, religious discussions were grounds for disciplinary action, just like soliciting for your child's school fundraisers. They were also extremely LGBT friendly. I grew up in a very religious family, surrounded by Amish, Bretheren, Mennonites, Catholics, and tons of non-denominationals and protestants of traditional sects, so I don't flinch or get upset when people say "god bless" or "pray for you." If I did, i would find myself irritated or angry all the time and it's just not worth it, but when their "God" gets in the way of progress, social justice, and basic human rights, I do try to "put my money where my mouth is" as much as possible.


Yes, I hate Chic Fil A, Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, and any store that has an underlying religious agenda. It is amazing to me how so many people do not vote with their wallet and allow these organizations to organize against them and their beliefs. So many people say "I'm not political" - well everything you do IS POLITICAL! They just don't get it.


I've been boycotting Stella D'oro for about 25 years, but that's based on my conviction that you shouldn't just shut down your Italian bakery in the Bronx, a heavily Italian area, and move the operation off-shore. Does that count?

andygee Level 7 Oct 8, 2017

Chick Fil A makes an incredible spicy chicken deluxe sandwich. I usually get a craving for one on Sunday, then I'm disappointed that they are not open.

BD66 Level 7 Oct 8, 2017

Yep, I’m a sucker for that spicy chicken. When I pick up. My order I just ask where the “All Gender Restroom” is located


Absolutely. Although, I don't know if "boycott" accurately describes my action. For example, I never shop at Walmart because of a list of economic and human rights issues. "Boycott" seems more active than my lackluster or apathetic approach.

All that rambled, I've avoided a multitude of businesses based on non-humanist sentiments. I've often not even given a business a chance if their message of religiosity was more prominent than what they actually do.

Perhaps I am "lazily principled." smile001.gif

Engleguy Level 4 Oct 8, 2017

I have made a life of boycotting businesses, the big ones are the major banks, what is your money doing? I avoid Gloria Jeans, anything owned by the big media companies. I check most companies out before I deal with them, just look up a lot of companies involved in ethical investment, many have lists of which companies are doing dirty stuff and who owns them. Gloria Jeans owners were heavily into the Hillsong Church but the business has since been sold, I would not have bought a business from these people so continue to boycott the stores. Rugglesby never forgives.

Rugglesby Level 8 Dec 27, 2017

I completely avoid Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby. Salvation Army is a gray area for me. I won't support their corporate headquarters in any way, but I do shop at their thrift stores. That money stays local. The 50 cents I spend on a book or record is more likely to shelter a local homeless person than to oppress LGBT people in the political arena.


Sure! I never use or support any hardware or software that touches or in any way promotes or benefits Microsoft or Apple. The reason is that they are malicious selfish entities that seek monopoly power over my (and your) computing and personal decision making liberties. These are the equivalent of incursions upon free speech and only get more and more dangerous as computing evolves into a progressively more and more integral component of human societies.

We can not afford to continue trusting the almighty powers of greedy monopolist enterprises with system critical social equity platforms and personal info. FOSS (Free / Open Source Software) exists that puts almost any propitiatory offering to shame but the development model and social equanimity of the community ethos is the true reward that behooves us all to make the ethical (and practical) choice of consumer resistance against the evil tyranny of digital greed.

For more Info check out:

NB: I don't necessarily agree to the letter with everything RMS says, but he paints a foreboding picture which we desperately need to take into consideration.

PS: In another sense these ethical objections are the same as my religiously inspired ones, since the fundamental misgivings of religion I hold to be due to its intrinsically totalitarian nature. Totalitarianism is just an ideological form of monopoly. It's a ploy for dependence and servitude. Power serving greed and vice versa; neither is better.

Skepticus Level 5 Nov 25, 2017

I have. Though I can't say I've always stick to it (stupid town where Hobby Lobby was the only place I could find a craft item my daughter needed for a class). Yeah, Hobby Lobby is a big one for me, I'm torn by Chick-Fil-A because the owner is a complete douche, but the local one donates food to the Iowa City Gay Pride Parade. So, the local is does good, but still owned by a douche. Papa John's, not that I miss them.


I won't go into a church .. Does that count ?


Hobby Lobby, salvation army, feel like I need a bath if ever in a predicament of having to set foot in Walmart.

Qualia Level 8 Nov 4, 2017

Yes, I refuse to patronize a healthcare provider who has religious materials in their waiting room


Yes. Hobby lobby and chic fil a. I just can't support their beliefs on lgbt and women's rights.

Klopez21 Level 2 Oct 30, 2017
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