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Well I blocked my first "Jesus freak" on here, I tolerate that stuff on social media because there are people of all disciplines, religions or whatever but not here, this should be a "safe space"

Funeralgirl 7 Dec 26

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Who was it? I want to him!!!

Officialdennis is his handle.. hes a weirdo.

Thanks! If I come across him he'll get a taste of antitheism that will send him packing...if the admin hasn't already!


I blocked a person trying to bully me into meeting him offsite to be able to discuss personal and intimate subjects. I found he had tried it on at least one other member and reported him and blocked him. So ladies beware--you'll notice that while he claims to be American, the wording is not in some places. Beware.

I had a guy wanting to "chat privately as THIS place was not "safe" haha. I just ghosted him, hes probably seeing this now, #blocktime

@Funeralgirl same guy! Pediatrician, right?

@Funeralgirl if i didnt think i would be exiled or break some rule, i would post a screenshot of the messages.

@EllenDale RIGHT!!!! Haha... sent you a PM

@EllenDale he is in SYRIA no less, and bored to death, looking for something or someone to help with his boredom, poor bastard hahaha....

@Funeralgirl Aw, hell with worrying. Let's expose him! Attached...

@ogtirof lol. I'm sarcastic enough to tell him it's $1000 for a pic of my face and the price just goes up. Money on the table. But decided I didn't even want to bother.

@ogtirof Could have used the money, though šŸ˜‰

Someone trying to pressure you to meet them, or, for that matter, to pressure you about anything should definitely be reported right away. "Gee-Zeus freaks" are one thing, harassers another kettle of fish entirely! Not cool at all!!!


I agree. Any "Jesus freak" on this site is showing profound disrespect for us and for our right to believe as we do without harassment or proselytizing!! To any such person: Leave us in peace, you jerk!


You're right this should be a safe place. They are allowed to join as long as they don't preach. Unfortunately, some just can't shut up. I'm glad they put the blocking feature in.

SamL Level 7 Dec 26, 2017

There are Jesus Freaks on here? I suspect that a better word would be "Trolls." Why is it that those who wear the name of Jesus are so much like the very people Jesus hated when he was here.


send him my way, maybe I can talk him into becoming agnostic and I'm real lucky convince him to be an atheist LOL

dc65 Level 7 Dec 26, 2017

i would hope the admins will ban these people. just report them by name on the admin page. site and customer service

I reported a caustic Trump fanatic and admin chastised me, said I was causing drama too. Damn the Thumpers and Trumpers...there is no safe space anymore.

@ReadyforaChange it would be great if this was also a trump free zone, can't stand that pussy grabbing idiot.

@Funeralgirl That might not be good, we couldn't say hat we thought of him.

Some religionist countries are always pushing for a rule against blasphemy in the UN. The problem with that is they won't be able to criticism other religions. Funny, how these people refuse to see their wants have repercussions that hurt them in the end.

good thing we don't have many trump supporters on here. most atheist are also humanist, and trump and his supporters are not, in most cases. it is odd that we have any


I am not sure why a religious person would sign up to be on here. It makes no sense.

every on line atheist site , has what i call trolls. there are many reasons for a religious nutter to stalk atheist. i have found its like a moth to a flame. i ran an atheist room on another site for years, called the atheist coffee club, where fellow atheist could get away from the nutters and the constant debate. the more atheist i had in the room the more regular , were the god trolls.. some were nasty, rude , and most came with hell threats, and the usual nonsense they spew.

Right, I know!!

Makes NO sense!

@ogtirof Syolp?


Report him to the admin.


it's not just religitards as there are one or two other people who piss me of in here.


Can we not resort to pettiness? We can all make a valid point without resorting to name calling.

we can if we want

Religitards huh? Seems rather fitting and not so petty...


Well I reckon that by interacting with these "jesus freaks" you are just playing into their hands. Playing THEIR game. That is what they are after... surely that is obvious. I would MUCH prefer to piss them off entirely by....ignoring them.

NZVee Level 4 Dec 26, 2017

I didnt engage, i blocked him immediately.


Iā€™m sorry you had to do that.


It is really easy to just "IGNORE" someone you don't want to interact with. try it. It really makes the ignorer feel satisfied. Even better than blocking.

NZVee Level 4 Dec 26, 2017

I blocked an impudent man 2 days ago.

Officialdennis ??

No. Mansour.

@Sarahroo29 thanks for the heads up.

He harassed me in this site's messenger X-mas eve. He wrote me first.


Good for you !!!!


It sucks you had to do that...So far I haven't needed to. šŸ˜Ÿ


Lucky you. I think we would all like to vent in a non-violent way.

The FFRF newsletter has a "crank mail" section. You should read how the religionists feel about us and their 'high brow' (sic) way of venting.

whats the FFRF?

@Funeralgirl Thank you for asking. Freedom From Religion Foundation. Here is their website. They are the main force for fighting for our secular society. See my link to this group.


I think this site should only be for non believers. There are other forums for interaction between believers and non believers. I think the Admin should specific this. One corner of the internet where well intentioned and behaved non believers can interact and discuss common issues is hardly asking too much.


Sorry you had to do that. Agree with @Benthoven on here a jesus freak is a troll plain and simple. Haven't come across this at all. Seems like they may just be targeting women. Just what we need...


I don't believe in safe spaces.


I agree... Jesus Freaks and Super Christians have the entire f ing world to push their materialism everywhere. I need a safe space to breathe and talk about their bs.


good for you! we don't need that here. keep it on facebook!



Wow... i would never known this you hadn't of told me what you did... i havent seen any of them yet.


Should be water off a ducks back....good thing is being able to recognise when you are wasting your time debating.

I would never waste my time. Its their issue, not mine.


I personally have no problem with religious people, as long as they are respectful. I enjoy hearing about other people's beliefs as long as they don't start insulting or trying to claim their way is the only way.

No it was weirder than that...

I don't doubt that. I wasn't really commenting on your experience as much as to the idea that all religious people should be run off.


Do whatever you need to do to be happy and comfortable in this place. I do accept "Beating Request" on Holiday Mondays.

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